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ZipPoster is a WordPress plugin that enables you to post hundreds of articles on your web site with just one click. If you have hundreds of PLR articles (edited or unedited) waiting to be published or circulated and you want to get Google to visit your site several times a day, this software is for you.

You can forget about time-consuming, repetitive, boring manual manipulation because with ZipPoster, you only have to do a few simple tasks to get the work done. By using this powerful software, you can load hundreds of articles on your site with just a push of a button and these will be automatically scheduled with random time and date stamps. You'll get constant promotion of your site and consistent traffic so your site will continue to grow automatically for months or even years.

ZipPoster is a regular WordPress plugin you can use on all of the sites you own. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. With ZipPoster, you can create hundreds of web sites every week or every month, use your WordPress templates, edit your posts and much more. This product comes with a detailed manual to help you start making money instantly. 

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It works and it's slick
On-Site Review

Most marketers are familiar with the copywriting phrase "Quickly and Easily".
Well, this perfectly describes Kathy's plug-in, and... it has the added advantage of being true!

Zip-Poster is extremely easy to use. And fast.
I've tried this plug-in on my hostgator blogs. It works and it's slick. I should mention that we are having issues with a different hosting company, but Kathy has been very quick to respond and troubleshoot this. If you want a "set and forget" technique for posting your articles, this is it.

Al Ashmore

I absolutely LOVED ZipPoster.
On-Site Review

I have a ton of PLR articles, and lots of blogs that I don't update often enough, even with the help of virtual assistants.

I do like publishing quality content on my blogs, but that's often not provided in PLR packages I've gotten from other sources. So, I do go through and make sure that I'm happy with any PLR articles before posting them. I do realize that I can just upload PLR bundles as they are delivered, as long as they are in the .txt format within the .zip archive.

The 4-page instruction manual told me that installation would be a snap (one file), and I found everything very intuitive.

I highly recommend ZipPoster to anyone who wants a quick and easy way to post tons of articles to their WordPress blogs on a flexible, but randomized schedule.

Willie Crawford

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