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Discover the true causes of depression and the secrets for healing without therapy or antidepressants in "You Can Heal Your Depression Now!" This e-book was written by Gwynne Curry, a woman who experienced more than 30 years of chronic depression with two major depressive episodes. If you are or someone you know is suffering from this psychological disorder, this e-book will help free them from depression.

You Can Heal Your Depression Now! is easy to understand and interesting to read. In this e-book, you will learn the real reason you're depressed, the relation of this condition with other serious illnesses, what experts say about healing depression, what makes this book different from other self-help books, and much more. Simple exercises or actions steps are given at the end of each chapter to help you feel better fast. You Can Heal Your Depression Now! will give you tips, reveal truths, and teach you a simple, easy-to-follow method for ending depression. With this e-book, you'll learn to live a depression-free life without spending a lot of money on therapy, antidepressants, unproven methods, or self-help books.

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The kind of healing that's from within
posted this review on June 1, 2014

Most people do not understand just how hard it is to suffer from depression. I was one of those before, until I got hit by depression too. I understood how hard it was to have something really deep and heavy in your chest that sometimes even breathing becomes painful. It’s tough not seeing joy in anything, not feeling touched by every good word or every sweet gesture. When you know you should be crying tears of happiness, but you just can’t feel anything. I had tantrums and was kicked out of the office, was kicked out of my apartment 3 months later. I went back home to my mum, and she was so supportive of me, but I still couldn’t feel happy. My friends also came over to visit me regularly, but they couldn’t help too. It’s hard to explain to people who have never experienced it, but if you’re on this page, you probably have this challenge right now. Only You Can Heal Your Depression Now was able to help me. I think it helped that I really wanted to help myself. I set my mind to it, and I really wanted to recover. This only served as a guide for me and the people around me. I told them about this treatment program that I’m in and they supported me throughout. I feel so much better about myself now and my life. I wouldn’t really say that I’m 100% great now, but it helped a lot. I’m a changed person now, and I want to help other depression sufferers get back on their feet again. The first step is to know that you want to recover, and not to settle for anything less a program like this one. You don’t need to pay a professional to heal you. You should start healing from within!

I healed myself using simple methods
posted this review on May 19, 2014

I managed to heal my depression on my own using only the suggestions in this system. I was recommended to have therapy and to take antidepressants to feel better, but I refuse because I was so scared of their side effects. I’m glad that I found this guide because through this, I was able to help myself. I now know how to fight depression on my own. Even now, when I’m feeling the symptoms of depression coming back, I use the techniques in this guide to fight them. A lot of people suffer from depression then become victims of evil hospitals and doctors wanting to make a business out of them. I’m glad I chose to be on my own. It was the best decision I made for myself. That’s why now I have this advocacy to spread the word about this guide. I leave my reviews on depression forums and blogs from people with depression in hope that they would give this a chance, and also help turn their life around. So many people all over the world need this guide and they don’t have any idea where to turn. If you find this helpful for you too, I encourage you to do the same, and to spread the word about it too, so we can help more people like us.

An excellent way to recover
posted this review on May 4, 2014

My depression started when I lost my job as an executive secretary and it was all because of a nasty rumor about me and my boss. I was so sure that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, so the pain came back to me double. I consulted a shrink briefly, but then I realized that it’s better working with myself. It will be easier to confront my issues that way. With the help of You Can Heal Your Depression Now (as recommended by one of my friends), I was able to get back up on my feet again on my own. The process was slow, but at least I’ve gotten my life back, and I’ve also learned to control my emotions the right way. You Can Heal Your Depression Now is an excellent way to recover from any bad situation that has happened to you in your life.

It's really helpful
posted this review on February 17, 2014

My mom went through depression after dad’s death, and it was tough for the entire family seeing her that way. Good thing she was willing to help herself and to help us help her. We got her You Can Heal Your Depression Now through the recommendation of a friend. She gladly followed the techniques listed in the book, and right now she’s getting better and better. We’re really happy with her improvement though she still gets sudden bouts of sadness and lethargy. We’re confident that the techniques here are really helping her.

After 4 years of struggling, I found the light
posted this review on February 10, 2014

My life was almost destroyed by depression. I started feeling it back when I was in the university. I was away from my mom then, and for the longest time, she’d been my only source of strength and my greatest grip to sanity. She was a few states away from me and we saw each other only on Skype. The sadness just started sinking in, until I noticed that I couldn’t feel any kind of joy anymore. It was unlike any sadness I’ve ever felt. I’ve always been an introvert so people around me didn’t notice that I was already struggling inside. I tried hard to be happy but being devoid of emotions was too hard to fight. How could anything make you happy if your body and mind refuses to be so? I tried really hard, I tried exercising to get them happy hormones kicking in, but it seemed like I’d really lost the ability to be happy.

And then came You Can Heal Your Depression Now. I’d decided to self medicate so I looked for resources online, and luckily, this is what I found. I tried the techniques here even if some of them seemed a bit off, or even silly. I just went with it because I was desperate for a cure. I was desperate to feel again. In about two months, I felt my self getting better. At that time I’d already been depressive for almost 4 years. Now, I’m still in the process of getting better and getting in touch with my emotions again. You Can Heal Your Depression Now has been really helpful. It’s been my personal doctor and I’m thankful to its writers and to everyone behind it.

This might cure mild depression
posted this review on December 10, 2013

Depression has been my only friend for the longest time. I have been to the shrink many times before. I’ve tried killing myself twice – once in high school and another one 5 years later. It was an on and off thing. I don’t have any idea how that happens. I have no reason to be depressed at all. We have a nice family. My parents aren’t together anymore but they have a good relationship and my sisters and I are well taken care of. I also had most material things that I fancied. My parents gave us a good life and so many opportunities. I had to drop out of college because of sudden bouts of extreme sadness and self-destructive thoughts. My mom never let me leave her side after my 2nd attempt back in the university.

I’m writing this review because this guide is one of the most informative and helpful I’ve read since I turned to the Internet for help. It’s not perfect and it’s not a magic cure for depression. In fact, I don’t believe that depression can be cured this way. It’s got to start from me and I’m working on that. This contributed to my improvement so much. I don’t usually bother leaving comments like this for products I pay for but this one is really helpful and I want to help it help others too. I want to join hands with other depression sufferers and just promote anything and everything under the sun that can help. I hope you give this a try. If your depression is milder than mine this might do the trick.

My aunt has already accepted her condition
Michelle Hutch (from Vale, USA) posted this review on October 12, 2013

I have a spinster aunt who lives with us. She started living with us after being diagnosed with depression. My sister and I now care for her. We tried You Can Heal Your Depression Now because we really wanted her to get better. I’ve read a lot of great reviews about this program all over the internet, so I’m kinda confident that this is gonna help cure her. Right now, she’s in the earlier stages, and we’re all helping her into the program. She’s read the program, and now she’s become more interested in recovery. She’s finally accepted that she has depression and that something should be done about it. I think that’s an important first step. We also follow everything now, from the diet to the suggested activities. It’s great that she’s become more cooperative after being introduced to the program. Before, she wouldn’t accept that she is depressed, but now she’s willing to work with us through it.  I’ll write an update after we get her completely ok. For now, all I can share is that this is helping, and that it helps if you want to get the patient to accept his or her condition.

I'm getting so much better now
S. Lois (from Wrightsville, USA) posted this review on April 4, 2013

I was diagnosed with MDD almost 4 months ago. I have been feeling that way for 3 years already but I didn’t say anything as I was in denial. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, and I was turning suicidal, I decided to go to the shrink. There were a lot of meds prescribed to me, and I took them for only 2 month, and then I found this book and now I’m doing everything the natural way. I am getting better now with the help of the self-help methods here. I am not going to the shrink anymore, and I’m not taking any meds either, but I’m getting better. I get fewer attacks now, and I can now laugh genuinely and feel joy again. I’m also getting more and more concerned about other people, something that I lost to depression years ago. I now wake up excited to face the day. Before, I couldn’t even get up in the morning because I really didn’t have any passion for living anymore. This book covers everything from the emotional to the hormonal triggers of depression. I felt so much more normal after reading the methods in this book.

I managed to help my depression on my own
Lia Ng (from Sperryville, USA) posted this review on April 1, 2013

Healing depression shouldn’t be too difficult. If you know the right steps to take, you won’t need a shrink to recover from depression. Mine was just a mild one and it took me 2 months of self-help to bounce back. It was after my divorce that I felt like I don’t want to live anymore, and I couldn’t find joy in anything anymore. 2 months with You Can Heal Your Depression Now did it for me. I’m getting better now continuously, without meds or any help from the shrink. If I did it, you can do it too.

It really helped my daughter recover
posted this review on February 22, 2013

My daughter suffered from depression after failing her college entrance exam. This helped her recover. It’s not that fast, but with this book and our support she got back on her feet again.

I got to handle depression on my own
posted this review on February 9, 2013

I suffered from post-partum depression after giving birth to my first baby last year. It probably runs in the blood because my aunt apparently suffered from it after giving birth to my cousin years ago. My mom said she didn’t get any formal treatment from it, and she didn’t consult a doctor, but the symptoms were exactly like mine. I decided to try self-help first before working with a shrink. I got You Can Heal Your Depression Now and other books too. This is my favorite among all of those I read. This takes a look at depression from different angles, so you can attack its root cause. The detailed action plan in the book has very clear and simple steps that work so quickly. There are also clear explanations for each step. These explanations make me feel like I’m handling my sickness in a professional and scientific manner. It doesn’t just inspire, it really cures you’re your brain works. Being able to handle my depression on my own made me feel stronger and it’s helped me take my confidence a level higher. I’m really happy I found this.


A method that is profound, yet practical...

I cured myself of long-standing depression 22 years ago using just one of the tools Gwynne Curry shares in this book. She has written a book outlining a method that is profound, yet practical. It may be the saving grace you have been searching for.

Carolyn Deal,
Former Silva Method Instructor

This book can truly help you. I know, because it has helped me.

If you are looking for information and the solutions to help you with depression then I highly recommend Gwynne Curry's book 'You Can Heal Your Depression Now!'

I have read it 3 times and have found new nuggets of information every time I read it. This book can truly help you. I know, because it has helped me.

Steve Knorr,
Rochester, NY USA

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