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by Ross Williams
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I highly recommend using this website

I agree with doing research before you jump into ANY online moneymaking opportunity. Even if you see the face of the CEO of the website plastered on there, it could still be a scam. I’ve been scammed before by a networking website. I thought it was legit, since there was a face to the name, there were even videos put up there of people who claim to have earned money from the website including some photos of checks and all of those stuff. I also sent some inquiries to the owner of the website, and got replies. We were chummy, so I thought I’d give his business a shot. I paid $199 dollars membership fee for that and an extra charge of $35 the month after, and although I got the $35 back on the 2nd months ( which was enough for me to think it was legit, and stay with the company until the chargeback date is over), I never got any more money from them after that.

I’m sharing this to help open your eyes about making money online.

Now, on to the review, I’ve tried five companies listed here, and they all paid me a fair amount of money. I decided to stick with two after a while, and until now, it’s my only source of income. They do pay you a good amount of money, but it’s for work you actually do. You do not just magically receive the money.

I’d recommend this website for people who want to have a REAL home based job.