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by Sherry Han
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This "quack" medicine saved me a lot of trouble

I’ve been suffering from UTI on and off for years. My latest attack, it was really painful. I searched websites on the internet that have information on how to cure UTI, and luckily, I found this one. I gave the natural methods a try for the first time in my life. My mom was urging me to go to the doctor because she doesn’t trust “quack” medicine. But I was desperate then, and I didn’t want to take antibiotics anymore. The next day, after following all the natural treatment methods here, I felt a lot better. After 2 more days, there was absolutely no pain anymore. I’m also following the natural prevention techniques in the book, so I won’t have to suffer from UTI again. So far, I think the prevention tricks are very effective. Now I swear I’ll try “quack” medicine first for any illness I have. It will not only save me so much money, it will also be a lot less harmful to my body.