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by Lilian Brown
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Firmed up my breasts in 2 weeks

My breasts are of good size and they used to be firm, and lovely, but after giving birth, they started to sag. After my 2nd child, they've sagged so bad, that I can’t wear comfortable bras anymore without them looking like 2 bananas hanging from my chest. They were really not pleasant to look at, and I refrained from wearing tight-fitting blouses and shirts because of them. I mainly wore my husband’s shirts then, so they won’t be noticeable. The diet and exercise suggestions in this book have been effective for me. My breasts are almost as good now as before I got pregnant. They just need a little more work. I do the exercises in the morning before I go to work, and I follow the diet religiously. I’ve been on the program for only about a month, and the results are already here. I’m already living proof that this method works!