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by Brad Callen
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My business is booming!

Competitor analysis is a vital part of Internet marketing. I’m sure everyone knows how saturated the industry is, and how difficult it is for newbies to compete with those who have been in it for years. I got into the IM business quite late, so I had to fight my way through it. It was difficult at first, but then I got Brad’s Affiliate Elite, and it served as my strongest weapon against those who are bigger than me. Through this software, I was able to use their own weaknesses against them, and copy everything they’ve been doing right for years. I found out easily which products are their top moneymakers, and promoted them the same way they do. Since I’m new, and still more energetic with my business, I was able knock them out of the top spots pretty easily. Now my business is booming and I couldn’t have done it without affiliate elite! I am now making my own eBooks, and I’m planning to use this to find people to promote it.