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by Scott Malin
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This works for any kind of ankle injury

This isn’t just for athletes, it’s also for women who love wearing high heels! I accidentally slipped while wearing my 3-inch wedgies, and that really messed up my ankle. It was so painful, I couldn’t sleep at night. I tried putting patches on it, trying out pain relieving creams, and other stuff like that but none worked. My mom told me I might have to undergo therapy, but I couldn’t afford that, and I couldn’t miss work. This book gave me the kind of therapy I need. It’s something that can be done at home in just a few minutes, and the results are quick. I didn’t have to wait months to get better. In just a few days of doing the exercises, I immediately noticed improvement. in just 2 weeks, I was wearing my high heels again like nothing happened! I definitely recommend this to people who have ankle pain.