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by Jenny Bolton
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A cup size bigger in just a month

I went a cup size bigger with the help of this breast enhancement program, and that’s just in a month. My friend who’s tried it too said the results will accelerate as I go along. I want to go another cup size larger and stop in there. I think I will be done before two months is up. I’m an A cup and my target is a C cup, so that’s what I’m working on. This book has some great techniques in improving your boob size without weight gain. Some girls increase their boob size by gaining a little weight. I’m already happy with my other body parts, it’s just my cup size that’s the issue so this is perfect for me. I’ve saved so much money I planned to spend for surgery but my boyfriend said no because he’s scared of the side effects. I’m happy that I listened to him and tried this natural program first before going under the knife.