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by Sherry Brescia
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I'm back to my old self!

A few months ago, I went to a cousin’s sendoff party and I really pigged out. I ate a lot of oysters and seaweeds, and was punished for that the next day. I suffered from acid reflux and diarrhea, and I really thought I was gonna die. After a week the abnormal pooping stopped, but since then, I get acid reflux whenever I eat a little more than the usual. Sometimes when my wife cooks really delicious food, I get to eat a little more, and then it’d flare up. I feel like all hell’d break loose everytime it strikes. Good thing my wife found this book and downloaded it for me. The cures are just so effective. Since I followed this book, I never had an attack. I can eat a lot now and not worry. I also join the boys again for a few bottles of beer every weekend. This is great stuff! Definitely try this if you suffer from the same problem.