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by Sherry Brescia
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I don't suffer from constipation and flatulence anymore

I used to suffer from constipation and flatulence before. It was so embarrassing. And then I occasionally got gastritis as well. My whole digestive system was pretty screwed up for quite some time. And then I got Great Taste No Pain, and it worked for me. My digestion improved a lot. I do a number 2 every morning when I wake up, and I don’t have to hold farts in for the rest of the day while at work. Sometimes I couldn’t concentrate with work because I have to use up all my energy holding em in. Hahahha! I also haven’t gotten a single bout with gastritis since getting acquainted with this program.

The trick here is eating foods in the right combination. There’s a certain combination you need to follow, so the chemicals from each kind of food balances each other out. It’s a very smart strategy. I’m glad some dudes thought of this.