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by Bernice Burns
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2 cup sizes in 4 months!

I wouldn’t have tried this is I didn’t see Bernice’s photo on the website. She’s several times hotter than me, but I’d be really happy just to have the boobies she has. I’ve been trying to grow breasts since I was in middle school. I’m small, but not too thin. It’s just that my breasts were really small. I used to wear padded bras all the time, but it becomes a problem when we hit the beach. I couldn’t wear the bikini tops that I want because I always need to choose ones that will make me look like I have nice breasts. I tried a lot of the stuff they sell on TV for growing breasts. Some potions and creams, but none worked permanently. I was considering going for surgery but my mom said she’s gonna disown me if I do that. And then Bernice and her black magic came along. I did everything she said to do, workouts, food, massages. I was really obsessed. Now, after almost 4 months, I’m 2 cup sizes bigger. I look like an Asian porn star now with my petite frame and large breasts. I’m getting a lot more attention from men too! I get 10x more attention because of them! Who knew large breasts would be this powerful?!