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by Jayna Davis
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I'm so happy with my bigger and rounder butt!

I got so excited when I saw the before and after photo on their website. I’ve been disappointed in my flat butt for so long. I really wanted to have a more shapely body. My boobs are ok, but my butt is really flat. I used to wear padded panties, but one guy I dated laughed at it when we spent the night together. It was so embarrassing. I also realize now that it’s so obvious when you’re wearing padded panties. Now, I don’t have to wear padded panties anymore because my butt has become naturally rounder. Of course, it came with a lot of hard work and determination. I did the exercises everyday, and followed the lifestyle tips here. It took me a few months, but now it’s all worth it. My butt is bigger, rounder, and something I can really be proud of even when naked. I had to change my entire wardrobe because of this change. I’m now happy flaunting my curvaceous booty in tight pants and miniskirts. I can also wear super short shorts now without looking like I’m trying too hard.