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by Jenny Bolton
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2 Cup Sizes in 1 month

It’s really unbelievable! I got 2 cup sizes in a month, and my waistline, remained the same. It’s like the fat I was gaining concentrated on my breasts. It’s got the same effect as the cookie from Japan I used to it, and then it blew up my breasts but it only lasted for a week, and then I didn’t take it again because I got scared of the side effects. This one made my breasts bigger, and they’re firmer too. I think it’s permanent effect because my breasts are firm. Unlike when I took the cookie, they were large, but it’s like it’s only water in there. Like I just inflated it. Now my breasts seem solid. I followed the recommended lifestyle and food intake here religiously because I really wanted to see results quickly. I think that’s important if you want to grow your breasts right away. Follow everything stated in the book, no more no less because it works on your hormones, and your body has to be in a certain condition to get your hormones that way.