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by Brad Callen
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Helps me work smart not hard on my business

This has helped me make several great adjustments to my online business. It’s quite difficult dealing with competition if you do not have any idea what you’re doing. I mean a lot of online marketers these days make the mistake of minding their own business. If not for this tool by Brad I wouldn’t have realized how much power competitor analysis has for online businesses, for any kind of business actually. I’m really just glad I decided to try out this tool. I’ve had better keywords since I got this, and I also learn the best products to promote all the time. It’s like using your competitors’ own powers against them. It also cuts down my thinking time, since I don’t have to worry much about coming up with new strategies, new keywords, and new products. I just combine the best ones I get from other online marketers and my business is good to go. For $45 this is really worth the money.