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by Gloria Stephens
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Longer and healthier hair in no time!

The concoctions in this book are effective and easy to make too. You can make them using readily available materials you can get from the supermarket. I tried some of the formulas in here, and they worked really well for my hair. I accidentally cut it too short, since I was trying to save money. Short hair didn’t work for me, so I got this to force my hair to grow faster. It’s obviously a lot faster than letting your hair grow on its own. Another thing is that it’s got topnotch information on making hair healthier, and making it look better. I used to have dry and brittle hair due to styling, but after using some of the potions from this book, it’s grown so beautiful and easy to manage. I definitely recommend this book as I do not see any downside to using the potions in here. I’m giving it 10 stars as well for being awesome!