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by John Laney
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The relationship tips here are practical

My experience with this program was really good. I’m not that good at relationships as I’ve only had 3 relationships in the past. When my boyfriend broke up with me for another girl, I was really furious, but despite my anger, I wanted him back. I was also aware that it wasn’t entirely his fault. I’ve had a lot of shortcomings too. How To Get Your Love Back Now helped me get our relationship back on track. The tips here aren’t the usual love advice that is vague or overly romantic. These are more practical tips, step by step instructions on how to fix a relationship. I learned a lot of great relationship tricks here that I’m still using on our relationship even if we’re fine now. I got to convinced my boyfriend to have one last talk with me before choosing between the two of us. I found out that though he has a lot of complaints about me and the way I handle our relationship, he still loves me a lot more than the other girl. We decided to give it another try, and now, our relationship is better than ever.