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by Zoe Brown
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There's hope for women suffering from endometriosis

My battle with endometriosis started when I was in my 20s. It was extremely painful, and when I was diagnosed with it a few months later, I was told that it could make me go infertile. I was really devastated, I couldn’t eat for days. I chose not to have surgery at that point because I was scared and the doctor was very honest with me about the scar it would leave both physically and emotionally. I really thought there was no hope, and I was worried about getting into a relationship. How could I possibly tell the man I’m with that I couldn’t bear a child? Month after month, I endured the pain that came with menstruation. Pain pills were barely enough. Like a miracle, I found Endometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol one day, and it was like a voice was telling me to try it. That voice was probably hope. That month, I noticed that my menstrual pain wasn’t as severe as before. My mom said it could be just placebo and I should go to the doctor again, but I insisted on giving the Violet Protocol more time. The pain lessened gradually. By the 3rd month, the doctor said I’ve somehow cured myself. My heartfelt gratitude to Zoe Brown for sharing this natural cure for endometriosis. All women suffering from endometriosis should try this.