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by Donna Hanover
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My hair's never been this good

The stuff here for making hair manageable is awesome. My hair’s really curly, so this is the first time I experienced growing it long. It’s amazing how much more ladylike I feel with my long hair. It still gets unruly sometimes, but when I use the concoctions I got from this book, it gets tamed and easier to manage. The stuff you will need to make your little “potions” are cheap too. Generally, you will be able to enjoy great hair without having to spend as much as you would for trips to the salon. It can be tempting to have your hair touched by a professional from time to time, but I’ve got so much trust in this product now that I don’t use other hair products anymore, and I make sure not to let anyone put chemicals on my tresses. My hair’s better than it has ever been, and I really enjoy having long hair!