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by Jean
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Internet Criminal should be the name!!

What a scam!!!!!

At first seems very professional always replying to my emails and he along with explaining all the instructions to follow , structured well!

then a few weeks after setting up everything I get an email saying that he is having problems with the program so I shall get a refund as long as I send him my paypal confirmation of payment.

I do that and is promised my money refunded in few days.
I wait....nothing, so email back, he asks me so send the paypal email, I say have done already but i send it again....few weeks NOTHING STILL

i write an irate email asking what is his game? still nothing!!!!

I now know I wont get my money back from this scam merchant but Im not mad I am just going to go on a mission to poison his name and make sure as many people possible know about this scammer to drive the likes of him out of business and away from the internet if possible!