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Must-have for those who share PCs with kids

We have a shared desktop in the study, and that’s where I watch my porn when I come home from work. The children use it too when their mom’s on the laptop, so I got this product to help me clean out all traces of porn from the computer. There are a lot other protective software there that block out porn when the kids try to access them, and I also got a monitoring software so I know what sites the kids are accessing. You know how kids love digging deep into folders and websites. They might actually find links to the porn I check out. I got 2 daughters and a 7-yr old son. I don’t want them to get started on these things early. What’s unique about this is that it can search for porn on its own. It has keywords it looks for, those that are common to porn and then deletes them. I get more than my money’s worth from this. It’s so fast and does the job well. It makes my life easier.