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by Lilian Brown
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It really firmed up my breasts!

Saggy Breast No More is the only breast firming method that worked for me. I’ve tried a lot before, but most of them are just general breast enlargement stuff. Firming isn’t the priority. Since I’m already happy with my cup size, I stay away from them. This is great because it’s really got firming techniques that work. The exercises are really simple, and they’re quick to do. Just a few minutes a day, and you’re good. I just do them before I go to work. Now they’ve become regular parts of my lifestyle so I feel guilty if I can’t do them for a day. I always always make sure to do them. I also got to know the bras to use and all that, but my breasts are firm now, so I can wear just about any bra I want. This is really fantastic!