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by Sharda Baker
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Complete guide on giving your dog proper nutrition

Dog Food Dangers: The Complete Guide To Your Dog's Nutrition is indeed complete! It doesn’t just explain the dangers of feeding your dog commercial dog food, it also features ways to make your own dog food, and how to make sure that your dog gets proper nutrition. My sister’s dog died, and the vet said it’s because of low quality dog food. It turned out that the dog food she was feeding her dog didn’t have adequate nutrition that caused some of her dog’s organs to fail. Since, then I’ve been researching on the right way to feed my dogs (I’ve got 3 by the way). Preparing their food takes more effort than buying commercial dog food, but I can see that their health has become better. Their coats are shinier, and their buddies look just right. They were too fat before probably because of the dog food I was feeding them. I’ve now gotten a list of safe dog foods based on the instructions here on reading the label. I just give them to my dogs when absolutely needed or the gourmet ones, as a treat every now and then.