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by Justin Bryce
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All dogs deserve a treat once in a while

I love treating my dog, Harry, like a king. There are only two of us at home, and I love him like a mom loves her child. When I was working fulltime, I always bought gourmet dog food for him, but when I started working from home, we had to save up a bit on food. I felt sorry for Harry that I couldn’t feed him delicious food anymore, so I decided to buy this book. I’m no good at cooking, but the recipes here are so easy to make. Also, Harry seems to like them so much, he always asks for more. The ingredients are also readily available and quite cheap. The best part is that I’m sure that my dog is getting proper nutrition. I’ve read from another ebook about all the crap they put in dog foods that make dogs go sick. If I had known about this before, I would have started making my own dog food way back. I’m really happy with this cookbook, and I believe all dogs deserve to be treated to gourmet meals once in a while. They know the difference too, you know.