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by John Laney
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It's worth every effort I put into it

I’m an intelligent girl, but as this book helped me realize, I suck at the EQ department. Most women have naturally high EQ, but for me it was different. I think my boyfriend noticed that before I did and that’s why he tried breaking up with me. He told me he was leaving for a business trip and he didn’t want to leave me hanging, but of course, I knew better. He just wanted a way out of the relationship. How To Get Your Love Back Now helped me realize my mistakes, and it also taught me how to show him that I’ve changed and that I deserve a 2nd chance. It’s true that this may not work for all cases, but heeeyyyy the book is cheap and it’s got simple stuff I’m sure anyone can pull off, so it’s really worth a try if you ask me. For me, it’s worth every penny and every effort because our relationship is so much better now, and I feel better about myself too. I don’t have any guilt feelings anymore like I did before whenever I felt inadequate. With the stuff I learned from this book, I’ve learned to read him and I know that he’s really happy now having me as his girl.