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by Jenny Bolton
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Let me start by saying I am very much into herbs and health so following every bit of direction was no problem at all. I didn't cut any corners so as to make sure there was no margin for error on my part.   I could write a book larger than this ebook pointing out what I saw wrong or what didn't work and what I saw that was deficient in it, but I really don't want to give this much more of my time. So I'll try to be concise. It irritates me how everyone comments about the details and direction being so clear. The typos were the first thing I noticed then a referrence to a previos page that didn't apply.  I also had some questions due to some directions that weren't specific enough, like It's very important to take in lots of protien.  Well how much? 30, 50, 80grams? I didn't stop the regimen so to be sure there was no fault on my part.  Between 3 to 4 months I sent an email for some advice or direction.  Since then no reply to it but I did recieve 4 emails for a bust cream, make a man love you, succeed in love ect..  I'm really sad this didn't work. I'm sure herbs can work.  I just don't appreciate false statements I've read in reviews abount no unsatisfied customers or refunds.  It's because they just don't. At the end of the main website page there is the nice touch of Jenny Bolton saying," I will personally rush you a refund if for any reason you are not satisfied after the 60 days.  Just shoot me an email." I've got to stop here cause I've got to get back to changing diapers and serving breakfast. I sure wish I could have found some truth to all this.  I dont think I believe even the possitive reviews on this page are reall ones.