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by Holothink,

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Totally Tranquil allows you to reach the desired state of mind within minutes. The package contains 2 audio tracks: the Totally Tranquil Meditation Tape (60 minutes long) and the bonus Refresh and Focus Tape (10 minutes long).

But how do Totally Tranquil audios work? They are based on the so-called brain entrainment technology. This technology is widely recognised as an easy and simple way to relieve stres, improve sleep, enhance focus and concentration.  Two different sound frequencies are presented to your brain, each through different ear (you need to use headphones). The brain perceives a third signal – a phantom signal that synhronies the brain frequencies. This ways you can access any state of mind whenever you want.

The Totally Tranquil is mainly intended for deep relaxation. It will help you to effortlessly achieve the same state of mind that Zen monks experience after hours of meditation. Together with the bonus audio Refresh and Focus, you will reach higher levels of effectiveness, peacefulnes, and enjoyment in life.

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Very Relaxing
synergized (from sedona, usa) posted this review on October 4, 2008

This is the first program that I tried from Holothink and it was my favorite for about six months (until I discovered the Deep Zen Meditation program from the same company). Originally I tried this program as an alternative to Holosync by Centerpointe Research Institute. It's a very relaxing program and intended more for stress relief than for meditation, but it works well for both. If you're on a budget this is hands-down the best program available for the money. Normally programs of this quality are at least $100 or more, but this is only $37. I think the low price is a marketing thing to get you to try their other products, which are all excellent too. I don't think you can go wrong with any program by Holothink and if you want stress relief, this is a terrific program to try.

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