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In her e-book, Top Secret Fat Loss Secrets, Dr Suzanne Gudakunst explains the real reason why people are overweight. It may shock you, but it has nothing to do with overeating, lack of exercise, or willpower. The real reason why more and more people are gaining weight are small organisms living inside our intestines.

These organisms constantly breed and there are probably millions of them living inside you right now. They are poisoning your body, making you unhealthy and fat.

Dr Suzanne Gudakunst will show you how you can get rid of these parasites once and for all. By doing so, your intestines will become more effective in food processing and you will quickly start to loose weight. You will not need to go on a diet or start an exercise regime.

But remember, reaching your perfect weight will really be just a side-effect. The main thing is that you will become healthier than you are now and you will start feeling great.

The basic version of Top Secret Fat Loss Secrets costs $37, but if you order now (through the 'Order Now' button below) you can get the Elite version, with all the extras and bonuses, for just $27.

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I believe this accelerated my weight loss
Ella Preen (from Fort Monroe, USA) posted this review on October 1, 2013

Since it says secret in the title twice, I thought this must be pretty unique. I’ve been trying different ways to lose weight since I gave birth to my lovely twins. I got divorced recently and gained a lot more weight. I read the page and I thought this was a completely different approach to weight loss. It tackles one reason for weight gain that most other courses and programs fail to explain. I had no idea I suffered from this problem. Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst really helped me lose weight and cleanse my body. I feel so much lighter and healthier now, probably because I’m absorbing nutrients better than ever. I followed her program for only about 2 months. It’s disgusting knowing that I had those parasites living inside me the entire time!

I didn’t use this program alone. I trained hard and also went on a strict diet while doing this program. It’s like I did everything together – cleansing, dieting, and exercising. It’s important to cover all aspects all at once if you really want to see results. I didn’t know I had that much self-control until I found this program. Surprisingly, it made all the difference. This is highly-recommended as a supplement program to your diet and workout regimens. The results will be so much faster. I don’t know how it works on its own when it comes to weight loss, but for cleansing, I’m sure this will work pretty good too.

I'm now losing weight so quickly
S. Leave (from Pueblo, USA) posted this review on February 18, 2013

Top Secret Fat Loss Secrets really helped me lose weight. I couldn’t understand before why no matter what I do, I can’t get rid of the excess weight in my body. I also felt sluggish most of the time, and I was unhealthy. When I read this book, I was skeptical at first. I really thought it was impossible. However, after following it for 2 weeks, I already saw the results. Shocking and surprising results. I’m still following the program now and I’m continuously losing weight.

May not be for everyone, but it worked for me
Carina Frances (from Yuba City, USA) posted this review on January 3, 2013

I don’t think this is the solution for all weight problems, but if you’ve tried a lot of weight loss programs, and still don’t get the results that you want, this is probably what you need. Top Secret Fat Loss Secrets is an entirely different approach to weight and fat loss. It deals with parasitic organisms in your body that might be causing your excess weight. By getting rid of these organisms, you will be able to lose weight with minimal dieting and exercise. It might be a bit hard to believe at first, but it worked for me. After trying out a lot of diet and exercise programs, and not seeing any results, I gave this a chance, and to my surprise, I did lose weight. A lot of weight! Now, I just make sure that I eat a balanced diet, and I jog every morning. That’s all. Nothing extreme, but I lose weight so quickly.

I love this approach to losing weight
Ivy Artel (from Braddock, USA) posted this review on October 9, 2012

This weight loss method is entirely new to me. I’ve never heard of being overweight because of microorganisms in the body, but seeing that this book was written by a doctor, I gave it a shot. I’d say the information is very practical, and the methods are helpful too and that’s for everyone, and not just people who have to lose weight. So far, I’m very happy with the results I’m getting from Dr. Suzanne’s program. It’s not instant weight loss, but it’s sustainable, and the effects of the program are for the general health, not just for weight loss. I have a feeling that the methods here will be helpful not just for overweight people, but also for those who are having a lot of digestion and other health issues. For me, this helped me to more than just lose weight, it’s also made me more energetic, and I  rarely constipate now.

If nothing works for you, try this
posted this review on August 26, 2012

This is a unique approach to weight loss. I’ve tried almost every kind of diet and exercise program for weight loss out in the market, but none of them worked for me. I even tried hypnosis, NLP, manifestation, and all those other stuff you see online, but sadly, they weren’t for me either. I didn’t know that the real cause of my excess weight is totally different from others. When I found this book, as usual, I gave it a try. I was surprised to see subtle changes a week or two after being on the program, and then about a month into it, other people also started seeing how much I’ve changed. I’ve been on this program for 3 months now, and I’ve already lost a significant amount of weight. I’m still pushing to reach my target weight probably by next month.

Having a clean body is key
posted this review on July 19, 2012

I started gaining weight two years ago, and it was so quick and shocking. I was never an overweight child, and I was pretty sext back in high school too. However, when I got into college, I suddenly ballooned to over 200 pounds to the surprise of everyone around me. I started doing crash diets, and I went to the gym regularly, but I lost only a bit of weight that I started thinking it wasn’t worth the trouble anymore. When I saw this book, I saw that the idea is disgusting yet possible. I couldn’t think of any other reason why I couldn’t lose weight, so I gave it a try. I was surprised at how quickly I lost weight after being on this program. It took me less than a year to reach my desired weight, and I look so healthy now. It wasn’t the horrible kind of weight loss that leave you looking dried out. To the contrary, I look so much better now. My skin is glowing, my body is sexy, and I’m more energetic! The key here is probably having a clean body that’s free from parasites and other harmful organisms.


"A cinch to do"

I have tried a million different things, most of which I knew from the beginning I would not be able to stay on – but the top secret fat loss system is amazing to say the least. It was a cinch to do and loose over 40 lbs my first 2 weeks (that’s right – 14 day and 40 lbs lost!)

Daniele Tweed, Florida

Lost 25lbs & 4 inches!!!

‘Top Secret Fat Loss Secret’ changed my life. The best part is that after learning what was causing me to be so heavy all I had to do the one little change mentioned early on in the ebook, and the pounds just melted off!
Some complete stranger in the mall the other day told me I had a nice butt! (Never thought I’d hear that one – Ha!)

Tracy Allen, California


I have used the secret for 6 weeks now, and the results have been nothing short of incredible. I didn’t starve myself, nor did I feel bad… I actually felt wonderful by the third day on the plan.

Cathy Brooks, North Dakota

I used to weigh 238 lbs...

...and as a woman that’s sickening. Today after heaving used the top secret fat loss miracle no less, I am now at just 105 and wear tight sexy outfits and turn heads every single day.

Cynthia Leigh, Maryland

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