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TheRootCause is an e-book that will help you get rid of your obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD. It will do that by helping you understand what OCD actually is, how people get OCD, and how to eliminate the root cause of this disorder.

The author of TheRootCause suffered from OCD for over 25 years - it started when he was just 6 years old. He knows what life with OCD looks like and how most people see it as a mental disorder. But that's not what OCD is. It is in fact a behavioral problem and as such can be easily cured. But there's only one way to do that - you have to go right to the root cause of the disorder and eliminate it. This way you can cure yourself without any drugs and with no side effects.

You should understand that TheRootCause is not about teaching you a couple of relaxation techniques. Sure, these techniques will calm you down, but they do nothing about the root cause of the OCD. It will also not advise you to try to stop the OCD rituals by force or willpower. This will not work and will only deepen your anxiety. What TheRootCause will do is help you understand how the disorder started in the first place and how it works. You'll learn what is fueling your anxiety and, in the process, you'll learn how to stop it.

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Great work! Thanks for sharing.
On-Site Review

There are too many labels, medicines and hospitals, without the deep understanding of root causes and teaching individuals how to find and correct what I call core beliefs, with repetition and positive reversals of negative feelings and ideas, imprinted upon us in childhood.

I do training in Switzerland on Powerlessness and Empowerment - "A Guided Journey" - this year, as every year, in Biel and Engleberg, Switzerland. Been doing it for 15 years.

Individuals who deeply understand, and care about others, do as you have done.

Ginny Klein,

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