The Obvious Expert

by Elsom Eldridge, Jr.,

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If you are a consultant, coach, or entrepreneur looking to boost your business and get the respect and appreciation that you desire and deserve from clients, then you will benefit from The Obvious Expert. This e-book is packed with more than 250 pages of information that can help you “position yourself as the obvious expert in 90 days or less.”

With The Obvious Expert, you will get the best advice from best-selling author and well-respected and renowned business consultant Elsom Eldridge, Jr.; his son, Mark L. Eldridge; and 150 other experts, including Joe Vitale, Mark Hendricks, Dottie Walters, Doug Hall, and Jay Conrad Levinson. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned pro and regardless of the market sector you specialize in, the advice that you will get from these experts will work for you.

The Obvious Expert has 12 chapters, with each one including a strategy, an implementation plan, a worksheet, and some personalized power tips. Inside the e-book, you will learn the surest and fastest ways to build your name and be recognized in your field as the obvious expert; unique methods for creating a powerful business image without spending tons of cash on advertising; how to generate more income from your network of influence; ways to diversify your marketing efforts; how to profit from niche marketing; tips for writing press releases that will make you look like a media pro; how to build a website that draws traffic; and much more.

With the help of The Obvious Expert, you would know what to do so customers and clients will choose you. This e-book can turbocharge your consulting or coaching business and help you achieve real success.

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So easy to follow and Elsom's been so helpful
posted this review on July 14, 2014

I’m into woodworking. I used to think that I didn’t know enough about the craft yet, but then people started coming to me asking me for tips and ideas for their woodworking projects, and that’s why I thought I can make money from this simple skill that I have. I am not very good with words or marketing, so I needed Elsom’s help. I was already receiving emails from him at that time on becoming an information entrepreneur, but I didn’t give much attention to them because at that time, I wasn’t interested yet. And when I was looking for a guide to help me start my information business, I found his email again. It was about The Obvious Expert, and I thought it was exactly what I needed, so I grabbed it right away. The best thing about The Obvious Expert is that it assumes that you’re starting from 0, which was exactly my case. I really had no knowledge about Internet businesses at that time. Anyway, after getting a hold of this, I learned so much about becoming an information entrepreneur through this course. When I got started with my business, I had some additional questions, and Elsom was nice enough to answer them all. He’s a really good guy and very supportive of his clients. I have now gotten started on my online business, but I didn’t do it alone. Elsom has definitely become a huge part of this business and for that I am forever thankful. I am encouraging everyone to give Elsom’s course a try if you’re looking for a good way to get started in the information marketing industry.

helped me put more value to my services
D. Larkin (from Ontario, Canada) posted this review on September 25, 2013

The Obvious Expert taught me how to appraise my services, and really put more value to it. I wanted to become an expert in career coaching, so I’m really looking for ways to improve myself. The Obvious Expert is one of those surefire ways.

Elsom really helped me setup my business
posted this review on September 21, 2013

I’m happy to share that Elsom Eldridge successfully helped me setup my coaching business. He didn’t just do so through the course, he also helped a lot by answering my emails. I’ve sent him numerous emails when I was getting ready with the business, and while I was still learning his course. He was very helpful, and he never complained about my questions. As for the course itself, it was very detailed, and it’s obvious how much Elsom knows about the business. His knowledge goes way past the ordinary, and that’s what’s most impressive about him. He’s a true subject matter expert. I’ve setup my own coaching business, and I already have some clients as well.


I've used his techniques to my success...

I have benefited from learning from Elsom Eldridge for over 4 years now. This book is a compilation of his experience from many years of consulting plus many, many individuals that Elsom managed somehow to include in this book. I've heard Elsom speak this material, I've used his techniques to my success and I've seen others benefit directly when they follow the advice in this book.

Matt Biskup

Simply brilliant!

The Obvious Expert lays out an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that people can use to position themselves as an expert authority on a topic or in a niche market very easily and quickly. I especially like the short supporting stories from over a hundred experts in a variety of fields that lend insight and inspiration into how they used these principles to their benefit in their careers. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, sales people, and management alike. Simply brilliant!

Mark Hendricks

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