The Mango Man Diet

by Dr. Wayne Pickering,

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If you experiences annoying surges and drips of energy, or if you have digestion problems that you cannot remedy with conventional medicine, you need The Mango Man Diet by Dr. Wayne Pickering. This diet is guaranteed to improve your digestion and give you a stable source of energy throughout the day. You no longer have to worry about afternoon slumps and indigestion. In the long run, you will be able to enjoy better stamina, focus, sex drive, and health in general. You might also be able to rock that skimpy swimsuit when summer comes.

The Mango Man Diet has 7 phases, which you need to go through to improve your health. These phases are Phase 1: 6-Hour Mango Man's Nutrition Audio Program, Phase 2: 27 Lessons on Food Combining for Health & Longevity, Phase 3: 2-Hours Audio - The S.A.D. Truth about High Protein Diets, Phase 4: 139 Articles and 400 Recipes, Phase 5: The Perfect Diet - Special Report, Phase 6: SAD Truth about High Protein Diets - Special Report, and Phase 7: The 3 Foods to Avoid + 3 Commandments of Eating Special Report. These 7 phases will help you achieve optimum health, and will also make you look a lot better with clearer skin and a leaner body.

Good health comes from nature. The Mango Man Diet will help you harness the natural powers of nature and convert them into health and wellness. This diet will surely change the way you look at eating right and living healthy.

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My weight is going down steadily
On-Site Review

My weight is still going down and I have lost 82 pounds to date. I will be in Canada for the month of August and hope to have reached my goal of 100 pounds lost by that time. The friends I will be visiting do not know about the weight loss and it will be a lot of fun when I get off the plane to see if they recognize me as it has made a tremendous impact on my appearance. Thanks again.

Hazel King

I no longer need vitamins
On-Site Review

I have been wanting to change the way I eat but I didn't know how to change or who to believe about what was good and what was bad for you. Your plan really makes sense. Since I started eating the proper foods at the right time in the right combinations, I have noticed a big increase in my energy levels. I feel much better (de-stressing) and many days I even skip my vitamins without noticing any lack of energy. Maybe I no longer need vitamins. I feel a lot better now and I even started to lose some weight, about ten pounds so far, in about two weeks. It's great.

Keith Wilhelm
East Palestine, OH

My digestion improved greatly
On-Site Review

I traveled in Europe and the U.S. I could pick up a menu in any restaurant and find exactly what I needed to eat. Eating fruit for breakfast makes it so easy to travel. The best part is that I've "lost that bloated feeling.” For 15 years, I suffered from abdominal bloating. It got so that I could not bear the feeling of anything against my tummy, such as clothes or pantyhose. Almost immediately after changing my diet, the bloating stopped.

My digestion improved enormously. Now I know what they mean by being regular. What a change!

Rita Risser,
Fair Measures Corporation

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