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The Magic of Forgiveness is an ebook written by Mark Ivar Myhre, who shows you how to use the art of forgiveness to get rid of your emotional problems. The author explains that forgiveness is a flow, which has been flowing before you arrived and will keep on flowing after you will leave. The author advises you to use the resource of forgiveness to get relief from the mental and emotional pain of the past and start enjoying the present.

Mark Ivar Myhre has been using the methods discussed in The Magic of Forgiveness for 10 years and has helped hundreds of other people to get rid of their anxiety, depression, and grief. Many years ago, he was depressed and suffering, but through forgiveness, he has been able to let go of his emotional problems and feel more energized.

With purchase of The Magic of Forgiveness, you will receive a special audio version of the ebook. You can sit back and listen to this audio without worrying whether you are doing the techniques right, as these are explained.

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A bit cheesy but good enough
posted this review on February 21, 2014

A lot of stories here are very touching and I’m glad this book is really helping some people feel better about themselves and their lives. I liked the book too. My problem wasn’t as big as those of other people here, but I, nonetheless, needed to learn the healing powers of forgiveness. The Magic Of Forgiveness has been very informative, enlightening, and a lot more positive adjectives for me, but it was nowhere near miraculous. It’s one of the most inspiring books I’ve found just when I needed it most, but there is still some room for improvement. I particularly dislike the cheesiness. If they presented it in a simple manner, it would have been easier for me to digest. I feel that I’m not their target market, but it still helped.

It's amazing being freed from hatred!
posted this review on January 8, 2014

If you still haven’t discovered the healing powers of forgiveness, you should give this guide a chance. I got married when I was 18 years old. My sisters all got married later in life, which made me feel that I lost a big part of my “fun and travel years.” I saw them visiting different parts of the world, and having all sorts of experienced I never got to try because of having a kid. I had only one consolation back then – that I married the man that I love.

After 14 years of marriage, I found out that he was cheating on me. A lot of my friends told me to divorce him and start over, but I really wanted to keep our family intact, so I stayed with him. It was painful because every time I saw him, I remembered all the pain he caused me and all the lies. The Magic Of Forgiveness helped me recover. It taught me how to put the past behind me, and turn over a new leaf in our relationship. I’m still working on trusting him again, that’s going to take time, but I’ve already forgiven his past mistake. I’m sure of that in my heart now. Before, I always told him that I’d forgiven him, but I wasn’t so sincere. Now, I’m sure that my heart is already at peace with what happened. I feels great being freed from the burden of hatred!

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself
posted this review on May 13, 2013

I was a victim of a dysfunctional marriage. My father was an alcoholic and he always hit my mom when he was drunk. When I was 14 yrs. old they got divorced. Mom remarried. He was a better man than my father, but when they had children of their own, I felt out of place. He provided financial support for me, and was there on special occasions, but I still felt that there was something missing. There was no father-daughter bond between us. Whenever I saw him playing with my younger sisters, I got angrier at my father. If he wasn’t a bastard, I wouldn’t be stuck in a family that wasn’t mine. Getting fed, praised, and taken care of like a pet, not like a daughter.

I moved out as soon as I turned 18. I didn’t go to college cos I wanted to be as far away from my mom and her family as I could. I got married at 20. 10 years after, I got a phone call from my dad. He wanted to see me cos he’s old and he found out that he’s got heart disease and he could die anytime soon, you know the drill. I loved my father when he wasn’t drunk. He never hit me. He was a dad to me but wasn’t a husband to my mom. The love and anger I felt towards him fought inside me, and I was depressed for some time.

The Magic Of Forgiveness helped me recover. The insights here enlightened me, and made me dig deep into the causes of my anger, and helped me resolve each issue I had against my father. I visited him a month after the call, and now he calls and emails regularly. We’ve gone to Disney with the kids, and I am now filling in the gaps he left inside my heart when since I was 14.

It helped me realize how light it is to be forgiving
posted this review on April 1, 2013

The Magic Of Forgiveness is a very inspiring book. It will help you realize the true meaning of forgiveness and all the positivity it can bring to your life. I was struggling with forgiveness before I learned about this book, but now, I’ve already picked myself up and learned to forgive. I’m not gonna go into detail but you get the point.

This book never left me through it all
Arlene D. (from Corpus Christi, USA) posted this review on September 13, 2012

This is a delightful book. It’s healing and inspiring, and it just makes you want to hug people who have wronged you and tell them that it’s ok and you’re ok and that everything going to be alright. I just got through a breakup, and it was painful, so painful that I needed all the help I can get. This book has been one of those that stayed with me through the nights when I couldn’t sleep because I was looking for answers. I had so many whys and hows then that I didn’t know came from my inability to forgive. There was so much hatred that disguised itself as sadness and lack of hope. I am very happy to have found this book. I get so close to tears even now remembering how it was when it was just me and this book in my dark room fearing and hating, and just being helpless. Now that I’ve healed, I look back at those times, and they’re no longer dark shadows, but learning experiences I’d forever cherish.

My story of forgiveness
posted this review on August 8, 2012

My life is full of drama. It’s something you’d think you’d only see in movies. I’m the eldest in the family. Mom had me from a relationship gone wrong, and she never forgave me for that. She neglected me, and most of the time, I was left in the company of strangers. When she met my stepdad, I was already 6 years old. She’s had several other relationships before that, but there was nothing serious. When I turned 7, my sister was born. I saw how my mom loved her and cared for her the way she never did for me. She treated me better this time, probably because she has finally accepted that she’s already a mother, but still, she treated me differently from my sister. It’s like she only took care of me because I’m her daughter, but with the way she treated my sister, I saw love.

Years later, in high school I found more “love” with friends than I did at home. I was out often, and mom never seemed to care much about me. I got pregnant at 17, and never went to college. When I found out that mom was sending my sister to college when it was her turn, I was furious. All hell broke loose, and my mom and I ended up in a catfight. We never talked for years after that. My life was a mess, I neglected my son the way mom did to me. Nothing went right for years.

When mom got sick, my sister begged me to help take care of her. I refused until her death a year ago. At that point the pain started to drill a deeper hole in my life and in my heart. I talked to a pastor once, and he gave me a lecture on forgiveness, which made everything lighter.

I cried for days after that, but those tears were anger leaving my life for good. I searched for more books on forgiveness and this one has been my favorite among them. It’s very enlightening. It melted my heart with every word, and it made me realize so many things from way back when I was young. Sometimes when feelings of hate and regret flood me, I just listen to the soothing audiobook until I doze off. I wake up feeling better and lighter. I’d say this book helped change my life, and I hope others give it a chance to change theirs.

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