That's Comedy! Joke Book

by Dean,

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That's Comedy! Joke Book features a collection of the most hilarious jokes on Earth. You can access all of them right from your desktop. You and everyone you know will get plenty of laughs from these jokes and you can also use them in your professional comedy routines. You'll have your audience howling with laughter. 

Even better than the vast number of sidesplitting jokes is the package of 20 free bonus e-books. The package includes more joke collections, including Irish jokes, "Yo Mama" jokes, blonde jokes, late night TV jokes, miscellaneous humor and more. You'll also get books that will help you write comedy and books that will help you perfect your comedy routine right down to delivery and timing.

With this great collection of books, you'll never run out of laughs. You can use them to entertain friends and family or entertain an audience of strangers. That's Comedy! Joke Book and all its bonuses can be yours for a one-time low price of $19.95.

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It is really worth the money
On-Site Review

Too often you read a joke book that has good jokes, bad jokes, and HORRIBLE jokes. This book is one of those rarities in which, like an album by a band where EVERY song is good, the whole joke book rocks!
I'm a cheap bastard, but I truly believe I got my money's worth with the book. It's added a HUGE amount of ammunition to my joke arsenal when I'm hanging out with people.

Matt Fort Hood,

Awesome book.
On-Site Review

I thought I'd seen it all. I've been around the joke-block more then once, maybe even more then twice so it came as quite a surprise that here's gathered together lots of jokes here I've never seen!

Joyce B,

This thing will make your day!
On-Site Review

The joke book is the greatest! I think everyone should fork over the few dollars and enjoy some of the best laughter of their lives. Hey people, this thing will make your day!

Stan Bush,

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