Tattoos Unlimited

by Dan Caron,

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Tattoos Unlimited is an e-book with a collection of a couple of hundred unique tattoo designs. The book also contains valuable tattoo tips, health and safety advice. Tattoos Unlimited allows you to easily browse through a variety of tattoo ideas that you can customize and print out to take with you to the tattoo parlor. Tattoos Unlimited includes:

  • Full color and black designs,
  • Butterflies,
  • Floral and vines,
  • Celtic and tribal tattoos,
  • Tattoos in the shape of hearts and crosses,
  • And more…

All in all, the Tattoos Unlimited is a comprehensive and affordable tattoo resource. Contrary to the name, however, it has a somewhat limited scope of tattoo ideas. So if you are looking for a wider range of designs, you might want to check out some more established tattoo resources, such as Chopper Tattoo or TattooMeNow.

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This is a really good collection
posted this review on July 1, 2014

Tattoos Unlimited is one of my favorite sources of tattoo designs. Being a tattoo artist, it’s important for me to be up to date when it comes to the different designs that my clients might ask for. This makes up bulk of my tattoo collection. This isn’t just affordable, it’s also got the quality of more expensive tattoo collections. Although not all of the designs are unique, it’s still a really really good collection.

Best tattoo collection ever
Khail Grayson (from Billings, USA) posted this review on May 19, 2014

Tattoos Unlimited is one of the best tattoo collections I’ve seen online. My wife allowed me to get only one tattoo on my back, and I wanted to make sure that I get the best design for that. I searched a lot of websites, but of course, the free ones were worthless. I also tried a lot of tattoo collections and I noticed that a lot of them have the same designs in their collections. It seems like they’re just changing the names. I thought a lot of people would surely have those designs because they’re all over the Internet. With the help of Tattoos Unlimited, I was able to come up with the perfect design for m tattoo. I just added the name of my daughter to the tribal design and the outcome is awesome. Of course you need to look for the best tattoo artist first, but the design is a really an important factor too. There are a lot of great tattoo artists who are not so good at coming up with designs, Tattoos Unlimited is really a great option. The price is also great. You’ll find some websites that are a lot more expensive than this, but so awful. This has great designs and great price at the same time.

A lotta high quality designs here
posted this review on October 11, 2013

The guide is filled with a lot of unique designs, but not entirely unique. There are some designs that are also in other tattoo books but that’s to be expected. What I like most about this is its range. It’s got a lot of designs to choose from covering different categories. For a beginner like me this is very important because I’m still building my design collection. What I did was I picked out the best ones from here, and the ones that suit my style best, and then I compiled them into my very own collection. A lot of my clients have already chose some of the designs I got from here, so I can say now that I’ve earned back what I spent for this. Actually, I earned it back with the first client that I got because of a design from here. The price of this collection is really really good.

The collection is huge and the designs have great quality
posted this review on April 27, 2013

I love the tat designs here. My boyfriend is a tattoo artist. A new one, so we’re collecting tattoo design collections like this one. This has got a large database, plenty of unique designs in various categories. We also got their Chopper and their TattooMeNow. Those are for more advanced tattoo artists. This one is more like their budget-friendly version. But for us this is more useful than the others two.

Satisfied customer
posted this review on March 24, 2013

I totally believe these guys when they say badass. I’ve read a lot about Dan Caron and how helpful this book is while doing some research on tattoos. I was gonna have my first tattoo then, but I didn’t have any idea how to go about it. I couldn’t even choose which design to have and where. With the help of Tattoos Unlimited, I was able to figure it out. Also, I got to learn how to pick the right tattoo artist. That was very important for me because I don’t know anyone who does tattoos. Good thing I did my homework first. I’m very satisfied with the tattoo I got.

This would have been perfect if there were more designs
posted this review on March 7, 2013

I find the collection a little small. There are a lot of bigger collections on the internet. Like this other one I got has more than a thousand designs all in all. That one covers many categories. The only thing that I like better about this is that the quality of the designs is superior. Most of the designs I saw in here, I haven’t seen anywhere else. That’s how nice the designs are. I guess it’s just up to you to decide whether you are after quantity or quality. The 300 tattoo designs in this collection also cover various categories and you will find here both black and colored designs of different sizes. As for the price, this gets a perfect score. For just 13 bucks, you’ll get 300 high quality designs, not bad. I’d still prefer having more designs from the collection though. I’m starting my tattoo art portfolio and having a lot of unique high quality designs is a must for me.

Great basic collection and cheap too
posted this review on December 27, 2012

Tattoos Unlimited is an excellent resource if you’re just building up your tattoo design collection. I’m an amateur tattoo artist, and these are great ones to practice with. I don’t do them on skin most of the time as I’m still practicing. I try them on different materials. They’re really excellent, and high quality designs. I’ve got 2 tattoos picked up from here. Most of the designs here are very basic, so they’re perfect for beginners. I’ve tried several designs on paper and on other surfaces and their fairly easy to do. They’re great practice designs. However, I agree that if you want more designs, and more variety, you might have to go for other collections. These might be too basic for someone with more experience in tattooing. BUT this is just $12 so if you get 2 or 3 designs you can use, you already get more than your money’s worth.

The designs are so pretty!
Mary C. (from Jolo, USA) posted this review on November 26, 2012

There are so many tattoo designs here and they’re all so pretty, I almost went crazy choosing! I chose two designs from here, one for my belly button and the other for my leg.

nice designs! love it!
Shirley Gravel (from Blue Earth, USA) posted this review on October 10, 2012

For 13 bucks this is a steal! I’ve recently gotten into the tattoo craze, and you know how difficult it is to decide what youre first tattoo will be. This has a verrry large collection of tattoo design ideas that I just printed out and then gave to my artist. He said it’s a really nice dsign and asked me where I got it from. I said it was from this book, and he asked to see the other designs too. I told him to download the book because it’s great and just to help the writer of the book you know. I’m sooo glad I found this before I got inked or I’d be stuck with my boyfriend’s design that I now realize to be so dang ugly.

Worth investing in
Tate C. (from Lexington, USA) posted this review on September 23, 2012

This collection I’d recommend to those who are just getting started with tattoos. I won’t say it’s the best resource for the tattoo artist as there are a lot with bigger collections and more intricate designs out there, but this is perfect for someone who wants to learn the basics of tattoos, and for those who are looking for some simple and neat tatt designs. For 13 dollars, you will really get more than what you paid for in this book. You will surely find some designs you’d want on yourself or on a loved one, so you don’t have to shell out more money for something you will use only one or twice. I guarantee you’ll find something that you will like here if you are just getting started with tattoos. Also, having a printout of your design will make it a lot easier to work with your artist and to discuss how you want it to look on your skin. Getting a tattoo for the first time is a really big decision, and investing a few dollars on something like this is a very smart move.

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