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Tap Yourself Free contains useful and interesting information on how you can use the simple act of tapping to create positive changes in your life. You'll learn about EFT (the emotional freedom technique), which involves tapping the body in key places to manipulate energy flow, and how you can use it to free yourself from negative emotions and thoughts and other barriers so you can achieve success and become the person you want to be.

Inside Tap Yourself Free, you'll about the power of tapping (or EFT), the nature of your conscious and unconscious mind, ways to eliminate negativity, how to deal with problems, the secrets to gaining optimum health, how to use your good emotions, the concept of ego, the root of happiness and confidence, the so-called emotional diet and much more.

Tap Yourself Free can help you change your life and fulfill your dreams and desires. You'll also get two free guides as bonuses. 

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posted this review on February 25, 2014

This is awesomesauce! Been suffering from sudden bouts of anxiety and depression before I got a hold of this product. It seemed weird at first, and I felt like a loser believing everything written in the book, but when I started feeling myself get better and better, and feeling unique surges in my body every time I do the tapping techniques here, I just got hooked. Now, I’m better than ever! No more anxiety and depression. I still do the techniques here every once in a while to keep my sanity from snapping again.

It helped me recover from terrible depression
posted this review on August 2, 2013

After my husband’s death, I went through a terrible stage of depression. I was put on medication because I had problems sleeping, and I had a lot of breakdown moments at work, in the home, and in other places that reminded me of him. We have 2 kids and 3 grandchildren who have been with me throughout the ordeal.

At first, I was fine with the meds because they helped me sleep and they helped stopped the breakdowns, but I realized as time went by that I couldn’t be on meds forever. I had to learn how to stop before it got a complete power over me.

Tap Yourself Free was recommended to me by one of the people I met in the grief circle in our town. She said it was helping her recover from her daughter’s death, and that her doctor already put her off medication because of her exceptional improvement. I downloaded the guide and followed the instructions. EFT worked really well in my case. This guide is packed with everything I had to know in order to use EFT successfully. In a few weeks, I was already feeling so much happier than before, and I slowly got to accept everything. Last week, my doctor put me off medication, and just gave me some emergency pills for when I get panic attacks, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be needing them.

Covered Major Bases to Enhance One’s Life—Bloody Well Written!
On-Site Review

I’ve just finished Magnus’ brand-spankingly-new ebook - a great read! Very insightful: “Tap Yourself Free”…The most noticeable change in any feeling I have is whilst tapping on the ‘chin meridian’… or what ever it’s supposed to be called. Like clockwork I’ll experience a sensation of well-being begin to flood the region of my stomach. Psycho-somatic? I wouldn’t know. Consistent? Absolutely… as I said ‘like clockwork’.

I felt the book covered all major bases in using tapping to enhance one’s life. It also drew on Magnus’ experience of hundreds of hours of consulting with hundreds of people in using tapping for self-improvement. This is what I especially found fascinating - reading about breakthroughs that other people have had with tapping! The results… tangible results!
The book is bloody well written and gets to the point without any time or space-wasting fluff. A good 134 pages of down-to-earth value.


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