Success for Addicts: The Real Cure for Addiction

by Kathlene Falcone,

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Success for Addicts: The Real Cure for Addiction is an eBook that aims to help you or your loved ones get over addiction. It was written by Kathlene Falcone, who was able to battle her own alcohol addiction using the techniques she shared in her eBook. According to Kathlene, she has tried different conventional methods to free herself from addiction, but she has never found and appropriate cure. After tons of therapies and medication, she finally found the solution in her own home.

Inside Success for Addicts: The Real Cure for Addiction, you will learn everything Kathlene Falcone did to save herself from addiction. It will teach you how you can replace this destructive habit with a better and more productive one. It will also teach you the law of attraction, so you can attract a more positive life easily.  To free you from the clutches of money-making institutions, Inside Success for Addicts: The Real Cure for Addiction will reveal their secrets, and why they will not get you sober permanently. Most importantly, you will receive a month-long coaching program from Kathlene Falcone, which you can use within a year of purchasing the eBook. With this special program, Kathlene, herself, will help you tailor the program to suit your needs.

Unlike other self-help books and therapies out in the market, Success for Addicts: The Real Cure for Addiction uses unconventional methods, so if you have failed with other programs, this eBook might be your life-saver. Also, compared to other programs, it costs much less, so you really have nothing to lose.

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Kathlene Saved Me
On-Site Review

Wow, I thought something was really wrong with me. After going to rehab twice I seemed to be getting worse. I had no idea that was the norm. Kathlene saved me years of wasted time and a lot of money. It really hit me when she said that no one can do anything for me in this process and it makes no sense to pay someone as though they could. I am still working it out but I feel happier and empowered to do what I feel is right for me.


Made Me Sober and Happy
On-Site Review

This system got me sober, but more importantly I am actually happy. I had a completely different outlook on the whole process after reading Kathlene’s book. It has made a difference in all of the major areas of my life, from my job to my interactions with family, and of course I am “independent” now. After years of alcohol abuse my desire to drink just faded away about two weeks in. It’s like someone turned on the lights and cleaned up. I can’t thank her enough for writing this; it’s about time someone offered another way.

Denver Colorado

My daugher has come back to life!
On-Site Review

The difference in my daughter is priceless! I don’t think I have heard her laugh in the past 8 years. That sound is magic to me; I can’t believe how long it had been since I’d heard it. I saw a difference as soon as she started practicing Kathlene’s formula for success. It’s like she has come back to life! She is off drugs and has a much brighter outlook on life in general…


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