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by Alex Rankin,

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Has nail biting often embarrassed you in public? If yes, then you’ve found a simple and an easy remedy, Alex Rankin’s incredible  9 minute nail biting cure will help you  completely  get rid of this habit . No matter how many treatments you’ve tried in the past but you will definitely feel the difference and will consider yourself as one of the fortunate ones to have come across this product.

  • His cure consists of three steps:
  • Pain/Pleasure therapy
  • Deactivation of  old triggers that cause nail biting
  • Establishing new response

All you need to do is download the course, watch the video and follow up with the workbook with no risk factor.You could also sign up for an exclusive ‘stop nail biting’ news letter. Also, 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t show desired result within the stipulated timeframe (8weeks)This is unbelievable but there hasn’t been a single customer who’s asked Alex for a refund up till now. For any personal query you could directly e mail him.So what are you waiting for, utilize Alex Rankin's nail biting annihilation formula and help self, family and friends get rid of this habit for good.

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It's got a real strategy against nail biting
posted this review on December 10, 2013

Been biting my nails since I can remember. I tried many ways to get rid of it and I even consulted specialists even if it was so embarrassing for me. Stop Nail Biting Secrets is the only resource that really helped. It’s the only one with a real strategy against nail biting. I haven’t been nail biting for almost 4 months now.

Stopped my nail biting in about 2-3 weeks
posted this review on July 5, 2013

I’ve been nail biting since I was in middle school. My mom tried different ways to help me stop then like rewarding me if she doesn’t see me nail biting the whole day. Those small things helped temporarily, but not really much. I still bit my nails whenever no ones around. Most of the time, I didn’t notice it. My nails were always chipped because of that habit. I couldn’t wear nail polish on my fingernails because it’d be totally ruined in just a few hours. When I started working, I got more and more concerned about my nail biting. It also bothered my boss a lot, and she told me that I need to get rid of that habit, especially since the business I was working for was in the fashion industry. There’s nothing elegant with biting nails. Stop Nail Biting Secrets really helped me get rid of nail biting. I had to work on it for maybe 2-3 weeks, and then the nail biting gradually stopped. I didn’t use any special cream for that, I just did the simple methods here.

Immediate results using the 9 minute cure
posted this review on August 26, 2012

Nail biting is really embarrassing, but I just couldn’t help it. There were times when I’d zone out in a public place, and then I’d suddenly realize that I’m biting my nails again. I stopped bothering with it, because I thought it cannot be cured, but once, my boss noticed that I was nail biting in the office, and he told me to look online for possible cure. He suggested hypnosis because it helped him quit smoking. I did try it from the internet but it didn’t work for me, and then I found this course, and it’s the only thing that worked. I saw immediate results after applying the techniques from this course but it did take a bit of work to completely eliminate my nail biting. I don’t bite my nails anymore now, and I’m soooo thankful I found this course!

Kicked my nasty habit in a few days
posted this review on July 18, 2012

I’ve been biting my nails even in public for years . I did a bit of research on the subject and found out that for some people it’s because of insecurity. I never thought that I was insecure, and I don’t understand how that is possible, but since I really counldn’t help biting my nails, I knew I had to do something about it. It’s embarrassing especially when I suddenly catch myself biting my nails in front of a lot of people.

This course helped me top my nail biting. It stopped my nasty habit in just a few days. The methods are also easy and practical, so I’m sure anyone can do them. The videos aren’t boring and the workbook included is helpful. This course is surely worth the money.


I never really cared about stopping, until i saw my youngest bit

I immediately got online and researched ways to stop biting my nails,i bought everything i found.This technique was the one that worked for me and my daughter.

I'm 16 years old , and had been biting my nails since i was 7.

I was out on a date and was very self conscious about holding his hand because of my gross looking nails.

I came across this video and asked my mom to order it for me.I watched it,and haven't bitten my nails in over four months now!Haven't even thought about it really....

Jessica Jimenez

I sorta proved nail biting is not genetic because i stopped biti

I always thought it was genetic but now i know it's just a habit that can be broken with the right technique.

Emily Brooks

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