How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop

by Chuck Smith,

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How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop is a guide that shows you how to start, run and market a successful quilt shop. This comprehensive business guide was written by marketer and businessman Chuck Smith to help quilters who want to take their hobby to the next level and make money from it.

How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop will provide you with easy-to-read information and step-by-step instructions on how to get your quilt shop up and running. You'll learn how to write a business plan and get financial support, the right business attitude, how to work with distributors and manufacturers, and lots of information about the quilting industry in general. You'll also learn how to find suppliers, how to effectively advertise and promote and much more. 

How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop has 130 pages of information, proven strategies and valuable resources for the aspiring quilt shop owner. In addition to How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop, you'll receive 6 special bonuses for free.

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Glad that I'm finally making money from quilting
posted this review on June 25, 2014

I’ve always been into quilting, but I never thought that one day, I’d start a quilting business. However, 5 months ago, my doctor told me that I have to stop working if I want to get pregnant because my job might be stressing me out too much. I did that but got terribly bored being a homemaker, so I thought of starting my own quilting business and using this guide, I was able to do just that. This has everything I needed to learn to get my business started. I didn’t have to do any other research. I was surprised how many people showed interest in my business right away. I’m glad that I finally found a way to make money from quilting!

My business is doing better than I expected
posted this review on October 28, 2013

I had a miscarriage two years ago, and the shrink I was working with suggested a new hobby. I decided on quilting because I used to do it with my grandmother when I was little and I enjoyed it a lot. After almost a year, I got a lot better and I asked my husband if I can start my own quilt shop. He worried that it might not make any money and disappoint me more, but I’ve already read How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop then and I was confident that I can make money from quilting. I’ve had the quilt shop for a few months now and it’s doing really well. It’s doing better than I expected. The techniques in How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop really helped, especially the ideas on where to find low-priced, high quality fabric. The marketing techniques are great too!

We love this guide!
posted this review on January 26, 2013

My quilter friend and I love Chuck’s guide! We have just recently launched our quilting business based on this guide, and it’s going really well. We know every little thing there is to know about quilting, but business is quite foreign to use. We had no idea how to run a quilting business, until we saw this gem. This has everything we needed to know, from getting started, to looking for the best suppliers, to marketing our quilts - everything we needed to know. We also realized through this how everything changes when you start to make a business out of your hobby. You can’t just splurge or any material you like because you always need to consider profitability, and all those other things. It’s not easy but it’s fun. We enjoy it a lot! I invite you to read this guide. I think you will be able to take the bold leap too once you learn everything about running a quilting business.

The best moneymaker ever!
Grace Hones (from Irma, USA) posted this review on January 20, 2013

I love quilting even if they’re not that popular anymore. How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop helped me make good use of my hobby and find the people who are still interested in quilts and quilting. I’ve met a lot of new quilters because of my business, and I earn from it too. It’s not gonna make me filthy rich, but I get a chance to enjoy my hobby and earn at the same time. I’ve set up the business so easily using the tips I learned from this book. I didn’t have to do any other research. I just went ahead and got started. This is the best moneymaker I’ve ever had!

I managed to turn my passion into a business
posted this review on November 13, 2012

I’ve been a quilting hobbyist, but it’s only now that I’m turning my passion into a business. I’m a work at home mom now, unlike before when I had a fulltime job, I should find ways to earn now without leaving the house. It’s great being able to combine your hobby and your income source together. I’m earning good money now, and I still have plenty of time left  for my baby. How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop’ smart business ideas provided me with all the shortcuts I need.

Complete package
Elizabeth Jenner (from Provo, USA) posted this review on September 21, 2012

This course has all the information I needed to start a quilt shop. Quilting runs in the family, my mother and two sisters are into it, so are my grandma and aunts. I’m the only one who thought of making a living out of it though, so the business aspect of it is so new to me. Anyway, this book has been very helpful, and I haven’t encountered much problem in my business yet.


Great book!

I think the information is a good format for what might be expected. Very helpful with hints on shop name, location, how to borrow money. I think this a great book that will help the beginner or the first time business owner. I have thought about having my own quilt shop, but never knew how to go about getting started. This a great outline on the 'how-to's.

Sandy Fischer,
Gilbert, AZ

Excellent source!

It is a great source of information for anyone thinking about opening a quilt store. It is very thorough and certainly was a big help to me. My store should be open in 6 weeks and I couldn't have done it so quickly without the help of this guide. It's well worth every penny and a few more! I am very happy I made the decision to purchase this book. If the information wasn't in there, the source to get the information was.

Lynda Ratliff,
Hampton, VA

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