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Stand-up Comedy Fast Start Guide will teach you how to become a professional comedian fast! You don’t need to take comedy classes, read tons of tutorials or hire an expensive writer. You will learn how to develop your comedy material by yourself, without spending hours on it. You'll also learn how to make your jokes have more of an impact, how to bring out your individual sense of humor, how to memorize your materials and much more.

Author Steve Roye is a professional comedian and in the 60 pages of Stand-up Comedy Fast Start Guide, he shows you the techniques you'll need to use to put on your best performance. The guide consists of 3 sections: Rapid Comedy Material Development, Stand-up Comedy Preparation Secrets and Maximizing Your Stage Comfort. The methods are quick and easy, and you can start applying them to your routine right away.

Stand-up Comedy Fast Start Guide comes in a package with other manuals you can use to perform at your finest - Comedy Timing Secrets, How To Read An Audience, How To Deal With Hecklers and The Performance Checklist. You'll also get a one-on-one consultation with the author himself. He doesn’t want you to have any questions after reading the book, so you can drop him a line and he'll call you whenever it's convenient for you. 

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Confidence boosting
Aldwin Waldron (from New Orleans, USA) posted this review on September 9, 2012

This stand-up comedy guide really got me started on the right track to becoming a full-fledged stand-up comedian. It’s always been my dream to become one, but getting a break is really hard. There are a lot of people who have talent in making others laugh, and those other people have the confidence to show it even to strangers. That’s the problem with me. I lose my cool when I see new faces staring at me. This guide has a lot of techniques that help boost my confidence. These strategies are really helpful for aspiring stand-up comedians, and speakers who want to learn how to make their talks more entertaining. The information in here isn’t the generic ones you find in other low-quality resources. It’s actually the first time I’ve read something like this in all my years of research. I highly recommend this book for trainers, speakers, teachers, and aspiring stand-up comedians like myself.

I wanted to be a singer, but got something much better
posted this review on August 3, 2012

I’ve always wanted to be a performer, and lucky me, a stand-up comedy bar opened somewhere near my apartment. It’s just a small bar, and I knew it was just the break I needed. I’m a really good singer, and I was hoping to apply as one of their singers. However, when I went there the only opening was for a stand-up comedian. Although my friends have been telling me that I’m quite a funny guy, I still have doubts with doing it in front of a crowd. While thinking things over, I found this book and started reading it. I practiced using the techniques listed here, and I was surprised that I finished a script in less than an hour. That’s my first every comedy script, and I thought about using that for my audition. Luckily, I got the break I wanted, and am now a regular performer for that bar. I love hearing the applause of the crowd, and of course, their laughter.

On-Site Review

I bought the package, and I gotta tell that the books are by far the most real, and engaging ones yet.
Either I think just like the author, or he has it right. His writing is appealing and not some droll of formula's and what not to do. Excellent.

Bill Waitz,

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