category: Self-Help

by Andrew Parr
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Knowing and understanding your past lives can give you insights on how to live your present life. Past life regression can guide you and give your current life purpose. If you want to learn how to regress into the lives you previously lived,...
by Nelson Berry
(12 votes)
Subliminal messaging can be a powerful way to reinvent your life. It has been scientifically-proven effective for a number of different needs, such as attracting love, creating wealth, and boosting confidence. However, not all subliminal messaging...
by Lloyd Richards
(6 votes)
Having a healthy social life is one of the keys to having a happy life. Without good people making you feel loved and accepted, life will never be complete. If you are among the many people who find it hard to make new friends and build lasting...
by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len
(11 votes)
Your mind is filled with junk that can hinder you from reaching your true potential. These thoughts give birth to your negative emotions, which make your life more difficult. If you feel the need to develop peace of mind within you, you need Zero...
(10 votes)
Unexplainable Frequencies is a website that offers recordings that can give you brainwave altering experience. They say 'Life is frequency,' and so if ever you want to heal, grow, and change, the recordings and frequencies you get to access...
by Mark Abella aka Mr. A
(12 votes)
It’s frustrating when you study for a test all night, only to forget most of what you have learned while taking the test. It does not only give you bad test results, they also leave you unmotivated in your studies. If you experience frequent...
by Rachel
(4 votes)
32 Guided Meditations is a collection of meditations that are made to help you improve different aspects of your life. Rachel, creator of the program, states that while achieving focus on your own takes a really long time, having narrators guide you...
by John P. Meaden
(7 votes)
It is a bit surprising how some people seem to achieve success in an instant. One moment you see them struggling to pay their bills and please their bosses, and just like that, they become the bosses and start living a life of financial freedom. If...