category: Self-Help

by Colin G Smith
(6 votes)
The NLP Toolbox is an e-book that details various Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) methods you can use to improve any aspect of your life. NLP is a set of guiding principles, attitudes and techniques about real-life behavior. These techniques, if...
by Rich Presta
(9 votes)
The driving fear program is a step-by-step program that will help you to eliminate your fear of driving without the use of any kind of medication, hypnosis, or therapy.The driving fear program was developed by Rich Presta, who once had this fear....
by Dr. Silvia Hartmann
(3 votes)
Learn emotional freedom techniques (or EFT) with the help of Dr. Silvia Hartmann and her e-book, Adventures In EFT. If you want an easier, happier and more successful life, you'll find EFT useful, and this e-book will show you how it's done. EFT is...
(8 votes)
If you want to improve your memory and supercharge your brain power, Memory Improvement Program is the perfect resource for you. By boosting your brain, you'll be able to memorize names, numbers, images, faces and much more. With abilities like...
by Greg Frost
(16 votes)
Do you forget birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates? Do you have to keep resetting your passwords because you forget them? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then Awaken Your Photographic Memory is a great resource for...
by Tim Ong
(6 votes)
Even though we often don't realize it, our lives are full of fears, worries and anxieties. We may worry about money, we may feel anxious about a failing relationship or worry about health issues. We have to live with these burdens and they impact...
by Steve G. Jones and Brad Yates
(25 votes)
Two celebrity hypnotherapists and psychologists put their experience and knowledge together to develop a self-help program called Confidence Beyond Belief. It's a unique step-by-step blueprint to building becoming self-confident, successful and...
by Jim Katsoulis
(10 votes)
The Dream Setting Seminar will teach you how to use the power of your mind to set goals and achieve them. Creator Jim Katsoulis is a hypnotist and neuro-linguistic programming trainer, and his seminar has already helped hundreds of people achieve...