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by Holothink
(5 votes)
Totally Tranquil allows you to reach the desired state of mind within minutes. The package contains 2 audio tracks: the Totally Tranquil Meditation Tape (60 minutes long) and the bonus Refresh and Focus Tape (10 minutes long). But how do Totally...
by Magnus
(6 votes)
Tap Yourself Free contains useful and interesting information on how you can use the simple act of tapping to create positive changes in your life. You'll learn about EFT (the emotional freedom technique), which involves tapping the body in key...
by Amelie Chance
(45 votes)
If you're suffering from a broken heart after a splitting with your loved one, then Step To Heal by Amelie Chance is a must-have e-book for you. This multimedia course will be your personal coach so you'll stop hurting and start healing....
by Chris Green
(8 votes)
Conquering Stress is an all-natural program that will help you find permanent relief from stress, anxiety and depression. The program is geared towards the root causes of these conditions. Unlike medicines that only treat the symptoms, this e-book...
by Dr. Mike Teitelbaum
(6 votes)
If you're having a hard time remembering things, then Master Your Memory: How Not to Forget is a must-have resource for you. This book, written by Dr. Mike Teitelbaum, a world famous mentalist and memory expert, will teach you easy memory...
by Amy Twain
(5 votes)
Low self-esteem and self-confidence can really get in your way as you strive for success, freedom and a fulfilling life. If you let others walk all over you, if you avoid people or if you're afraid to confront people, it could mean you have low self...
by Victor Keith and Greg Frost
(3 votes)
The Peak Confidence System is an e-book package that guarantees to reveal the secret of helping you achieve success in life by boosting your confidence. It provides techniques and guidelines that will eliminate your self-doubt, fear, and other...
by Joe Barry McDonagh
(17 votes)
In his bestselling book Panic Away, a former anxiety sufferer, Joe Barry McDonagh, explains how to permanently put an end to your panic or anxiety attacks. His approach doesn’t rely on any type of medication or classic techniques, such as deep...