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The Secret Classroom is definitely a unique product. It all started when Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund decided that they wanted to be the first to create a completely on-line reality show. They called it “The Next Internet Millionaire” and the idea behind the show was that they would take ordinary people, with no prior Internet marketing experience, and transform them into successful internet marketers in a couple of weeks. In order for them to do this, they enlisted the help of several of the biggest names in the internet marketing world as instructors that will help ordinary people become Internet millionaires.

Now that the show is over, you can get all the lessons, presented by 12 Internet millionaires, on professionally produced videos. Your “teachers” will be some of the biggest names in on-line marketing:

  • Mark Joyner
  • Armand Morin
  • Jeff Walker
  • Marlon Sanders
  • Michael Koenigs
  • Brad Fallon
  • Kris Jones
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Ray Edwards
  • Dave Taylor
  • Perry Marshall
  • Rich Schefren

All of them are millionaires themselves; all of them know exactly what they’re talking about; and all of them are selling their own internet marketing products (usually for much higher prices).

There are a couple of other things that should be mentioned about The Secret Classroom. One is that the show was professionally produced and that means that not only are all the videos of the highest quality, but also that the teachers were forced to get right to the point right away (that’s the only way to product quality television). So there will be no fluff in these videos. Also, and probably even more importantly, the competitive nature of the show made all of the teachers want to give the best advice possible. They really wanted to teach the contestants how to be successful – how to achieve success quickly and how to make sure it lasts.

All in all, The Secret Classroom will give you a first rate education from the best in the business for an affordable price.

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What an amazing video – Mark Joyner
On-Site Review

I am thrilled that I spent the $47 dollars on this powerful information. I’ve got 11 more videos to watch and if they’re all as valuable as Mark’s, which I’m thinking will be the case, then it’s by FAR the best $$ I’ve ever spent.

What am I saying, that one video was worth $47 dollars plus a few thousand on top of that!

And to think I’ve spent so much more on other teachings that provided only a fraction of what I’ve received just from Mark’s video so far.

Victoria D

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