How To Regrow Your Hair Easily And Naturally

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How To Regrow Your Hair Easily and Naturally is an e-book that will teach you how to stop hair loss and regrow your hair without the use of expensive lotions or hair transplants.

Author Vera Peiffer is a well-known kinesiologist and hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of people grow their hair back naturally. She says it's only a myth that hair loss is genetic and there's no natural way to grow it back. How To Regrow Your Hair teaches you otherwise. 

You'll learn a step-by-step formula that will regrow your hair. You'll also learn about factors that affect hair loss, including stress, body toxicity, tooth fillings, sugar and water intake and more. The e-book will teach you simple exercises that will help regrow your hair as well.

How To Regrow Your Hair Easily and Naturally comes with a bonus Full Self Hypnosis CD that will stop your hair loss and train your body to grow hair.

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It's the only thing that worked for me
posted this review on June 3, 2014

I started having severe hair fall after a hair treatment gone wrong. Chunks of hair was falling off, and it was enough to make me panic and go to the dermatologist to have my scalp checked. I didn’t get any effective treatment from the 4 or 5 hair experts that I consulted. I spend a few thousand dollars on procedures and treatment products, but still, my hair fall persisted. My hair got so thin that I couldn’t do a ponytail anymore. It was devastating. Good thing I found How To Regrow Your Hair Easily And Naturally. This is the only one that worked. The best part is that it’s the cheapest too. All the ingredients and materials are almost free. With How To Regrow Your Hair Easily And Naturally, my hair stopped falling off in just 2 weeks. A month after, I noticed my hair getting thicker. The strands also got smoother and shinier. I am now so proud of my hair, and I’m never letting any hairstylist douse it with chemicals again. Now, I only go to the salon for a haircut, and I don’t let them put anything on my hair, not even their shampoo. I have my own shampoo that I bring with me to haircuts. I am so happy with my hair now. It’s indeed my crowning glory!

It's a bit slow, but works
posted this review on October 30, 2013

Balding at the age of 34 was surprising for me because it’s not common in the family. From what I know it’s something hereditary. But when I consulted with the dermatologist (because I had dandruff too), I was told that there are a lot of other reasons why a man goes bald, and it could be because of some hair products I used in the past. It can also be caused by stress, apparently, and that’s something I get a lot of in the office. Another possible reason is malnutrition. How To Regrow Your Hair Easily And Naturally taught me solutions for hair loss that work whatever the reason is. I didn’t really know why I suffered from hair loss, but now my hair is growing back. It’s a bit slow, though. I’ve been on this treatment for 2 months now but my hair hasn’t fully grown back yet. I expected to have my hair back in just a month because a week after using this treatment plan the hair loss already stopped. If you look at the photo on the website, my case is similar to that. It took about 2 months to get that kind of result. It will probably take longer to get exactly the same thickness I had before.

The natural techniques in this book helped make my hair healthie
posted this review on April 14, 2013

My hair started thinning out when I began messing with it. I styled it a lot and used a bunch of hair products on it. Like this one time, I had it curled and when I was washing it in the shower two days later, I was shocked to see chunks of hair falling out. It must be the spray I used to keep my curl intact. Since then I stopped styling my hair too much and using a bunch of hair products, but I think I was too late at that point. My hair kept falling out no matter what I tried. And that’s when I found How To Regrow Your Hair Easily And Naturally. It’s so impressive because in 2 weeks, I notices almost no hair fall. Just the normal kind of hair fall. And then after about another 2 or 3 weeks, I noticed my hair regaining its original thickness. There were a lot of baby hairs growing and when I tie my hair up, you can see them sticking out, but I was really excited when I saw them growing. Right now, I’ve almost regained its old thickness. It was really thick before. It’s been almost 3 months. My hair was really thick before, so it really took long for me to grow back all those hairs that fell out.

My hair is already growing back after 3 months of use
Alicia White (from Xenia, USA) posted this review on April 11, 2013

My hair started falling out December last year, and I’m a woman, so you can just imagine the shock and panic I felt when that started. And then just January this year, after doing thorough research on the internet, I decided to use How To Regrow Your Hair Easily And Naturally. I read their sales page and the explanations there seemed legitimate, so I gave it a try. A week after, I saw less fallouts and that calmed me down a tiny bit. The next week was even better, and now it’s been 3 months, and I’m already in the regrowth phase. The detox in this book must have really been effective on me ( you will know more about the detox once you get this book ). The techniques here are safe as they’re natural. The ingredients can be found easily in the supermarket. There are no weird products you need to use in here.

Just want to share this with you
posted this review on October 22, 2012

If you’re just starting to lose hair, I suggest trying this out right away. The sooner you take action the better your chance for saving your hair. I started losing hair 3 months ago after a hair perm gone wrong. Good thing I downloaded this right away and revived my hair according to the methods here. That stopped the hair loss, and helped me recover the hair I lost. Just wanted to leave this here to convince you to try it because it really works. I’m not getting paid here or anything.

Based on my experience, it's effective
posted this review on August 14, 2012

It’s a very informative book, and cheap too. I suggest giving this a try before considering other options to have thicker hair. I cannot guarantee that it will work for everyone, but it worked for me, and my case was bad, so I guess there’s a bigger chance that it will work for other people too. I have some bald spots all over my head because of too much hair fall, and after using this book, the hair fall stopped and my hairs grew back. It took me a few months to see results, but now the difference is obvious. My hair is so healthy now, and I look 10 years younger too. I suggest trying this right away, so you don’t lose too much hair. As I said, there’s still a chance that some of your hairs may not grow back anymore, so you need to act fast.

the only hair regrowth book I found useful
posted this review on July 8, 2012

I found the methods here effective. I’ve been suffering from thinning hair for several years, but it wasn’t so bad, so I didn’t worry much about it. However, lately, I noticed that my hair has become so thin that my scalp shows in the middle. I panicked, and consulted the derma about it and she said it was a natural part of the aging process. I just couldn’t believe that I’m 43 and I already have thinner hair than 60-year old women! I went to my friend and she told me about natural methods for strengthening hair. I searched the Internet for them, but found no reliable information for free, so I decided to purchase some books. This is the only one I found useful. The others were trash. I followed it religiously for 2 weeks, and noticed that my bald patch has become less obvious. I’ll continue doing it until I get a healthy looking head.

posted this review on September 27, 2011

this product is rubbish. £35 for a book to tell you about a load of old wives tales. its a waste of money


My hair is starting to grow again

The dermatologist told me there was nothing I could do about my hair loss, but following the advice in How to Regrow Your Hair Easily and Naturally, my hair is starting to grow again.

John H.

My hair has stopped falling out

I'm so glad I came across this book! No one ever seems to tell about mercury fillings and how they can affect your hair. I've now had mine sorted out, and my hair has stopped falling out.


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