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Discover how you can reduce and deal with pain without taking pills in Scott Musgrave's Reflexercise. With this book, you will learn a simple-to-apply, proven effective technique for treating pain. Whether you're experiencing chronic pain, post surgical pain, migraines, back and neck pain, anxiety disorders, tension, depression, and other conditions, you will benefit from this book.

The complete title of this step-by-step book is Reflexercise: Bringing Balance to the World, One Brain at a Time!. And true to its title, it is a simple, self-applied tool designed to create balance within your nervous system. When you learn through this wellness and performance book how to balance your neurological and physiological systems, you can make your body function optimally and live a normal, pain-free life again.

Inside the book, you will learn how to perform Reflexercise in any position or setting. You will discover how it reboots your hard drive or your nervous system, how to use it effectively to reduce pain and treat other conditions, how to get the most out of this technique so you can live a truly balanced life, and much more.

A lot of patients and practitioners have benefitted from Reflexercise. Give it a try and see how it will work for you and help you too. This book/technique can change your life forever.

As a bonuses, you will receive an MP3 audio of the author coaching you through your first performance of Reflexercise, as well as updates and additional info.

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This helps me get rid of pain a lot more quickly
posted this review on July 8, 2014

I suffer from severe migraine every now and then, so I really needed something like this to help me get rid of the pain a lot more quickly. I just do the exercises here whenever I can, and the attacks seem to have become fewer and less intense. I also do some exercises here whenever I get attacks and they go away more quickly. I don’t take pain pills anymore because I don’t want to be dependent on them. I know a friend who kept on taking pain pills until they wouldn’t work for her anymore, so I’m scared that might happen to me and not have pain pills working when I need them most. Anyway, this is worth a shot if you’re feeling a lot of pains in your body, especially if they’re stress-related.

Scott's approach is perfect
Jessica Bernshaw (from Omaha, USA) posted this review on May 13, 2014

I’ve been living with migraine for almost 3 years. Right now I still get some attacks but the methods in Reflexercise help a lot. I found out about this system through a naturopathic doctor I was working with before. I got sooo fed up with conventional medicine that I tried natural medicine, even if I was a bit skeptical. I was given some rubs I could use to lessen the pain, but the good doctor suggested this as well. He personally knows Scott Musgrave, and he also knows a lot of people who have achieved amazing results and comfort with the help of Reflexercise. This method really worked not just for getting rid of my migraine, but also for making me feel great! It eradicated pains I never knew existed. Those pains that you’ve been living with for so many years that you already forget that they exist. Once they’re gone, I felt so much lighter and more energetic. I had minor back pain too aside from my migraine, and that also went away. I am now recommending this to other people who I hear complaining about pains in their body. Even that boy a few blocks away from where I live, who is going through chemotherapy, is also using this now based on my recommendations, and the effects of his chemo have been better controlled since he’s been on this system. If you feel any kind of pain, you owe it to  yourself to check out this program.

If you are feeling any kind of pain I highly recommend this
posted this review on July 18, 2013

I am not sure if Reflexercise works for everyone. What I’m sharing here is based only on my personal experience. I suffered from migraine and shoulder pain before. Occasionally, I also got pains around my nape. I tried a lot of cures for them, and even consulted a lot of doctors. Most of them dismissed it as stress induced, and the best advice I got was to stand up and walk around the office every 30 minutes of work. But I knew there was something more I could do to feel better. When I chanced upon Reflexercise’s sales page, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, the natural treatment methods here successfully eliminated my pains. They weren’t just reduced, they were completely eliminated. I don’t have any shoulder, back, and nape pain anymore. My migraine also disappeared. I highly recommend Reflexercie to anyone who is feeling pain in their body.


very clear and understandable...

Scott's ebook, Reflexercise, is very clear and understandable. I appreciated the fact that I probably provided some of the physiological concepts that he emphasizes, but he presents them in a very clear and understandable fashion. I did some of the practices during my review of the book, and actually sensed the calming effect even more than when I spent that couple of hours with Scott and Ernie for the first time experiencing the effects of guided Reflexercise. I've actually become motivated to take up the exercise again, after letting it lapse for a month or so. I can also see that Reflexercise will probably be a great introduction to my very regular meditation practice.

Robert Scaer

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