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Rank Tracker Plugin is a Wordpress plugin that has the power to build links, get your pages to rank high, and give you new ideas for site content. This plugin has numerous features that can give your site a boost and help your business succeed.

With the Rank Tracker Plugin, you will discover that the information that you need to increase your site's traffic is all in your site's data. This way, you can save time and energy trying to find it.  You will be able to find the keywords that people are actually clicking through. You will instantly know the keywords that generate traffic, so there's no need for you to waste time on building links and writing articles to promote a keyword that won't make you money. This simple-to-install tool will easily show you where the money is.

The Rank Tracker Plugin also allows you to see if your linkbuilding is working. Just log into your site, look at the Rank Tracker page in your settings, and you will see where you rank for a certain word. This plugin can take your site from nowhere to the top pages of search engines like Google.

You will receive a manual and gain access to free updates when you download Rank Tracker Plugin.

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A No-Brainer
On-Site Review

Paul's RT Plugin is a staple plugin in all my sites. Information is key and RT makes it so easy for to target keywords that I would never in a million years have thought to 'attack'.

Each week I spend 1 hour going through my RT emails and picking gems, email my content writer and have specific pages for those keywords up and running within a week.

Effectively RT increases my sites ROI by a factor of 10...all without the hours and hours of keyword research I used to do. It's a no-brainer.

Dave Toomey

I fell in love with the Rank Tracker Plugin...
On-Site Review

I've used other tools to track and improve my SEO efforts, and they work well.

However, for each of my websites, Rank Checker has shown me powerful, related niches that hadn't even crossed my mind... and where I can succeed with minimal work.

What I like best is how refreshing Rank Tracker is. It shifts my focus to what I'm already doing well, and where I'm ranking at or near the top for certain keywords. That helps me recognize the advantage I already have... and might not be aware of it. That's a happy surprise…

Rank Tracker saves me hours that I might spend double-checking myriad keyword phrases in my favorite niches. Also, it helps me spot new niches that are growing in popularity, where I can succeed… Being one step ahead of the competition is invaluable!

Aisling D'Art

I absolutely love the Rank Tracker plugin.
On-Site Review

Why? Because there comes a time when you have exhausted all of the keywords you have gathered from normal keyword research, and you are stuck and can't build out your site any more.

This is where Rank Tracker comes into its own, by providing an almost endless supply of brand new keywords that you know real visitors are actually using! Voila.

Rank Tracker is on all my sites and I wouldn't be without it.


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