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If you’re operating a website and would like to promote a certain product, all you had do is inform your website visitors to take a look and pass along the word. That was before. Now, viral marketing can speed things up and promotions are usually as quick as wildfire. With the help of this handy tool, everything will be made much easier. PDF Brandable allows you to create your own PDF ebook or a report about your product, include all your links in it, and give it to those who visit your website. As an incentive (and to make sure that they’ll pass it along for sure), you also give them the option of rebranding the PDF into their own.

Author Aaron Danker says it’s not as complicated as it sounds. With PDF Brandable, there’s a step-by-step guide on how the whole thing works. Simply create a PDF report of your product, set-up fields indicating which link or text can be rebranded, and then simply load it through PDF Brander. You’ve now made a rebrander application, and can now pass it along to whoever you like. Once your friends, affiliates or subscribers get hold of the report, all they have to do is open the rebrandable pdf report you’ve sent and enter any information they want to in the designated field. And they, too, can now pass along their own rebranded version of your report and let it go viral. In effect, the information has now been spread and will create tons of traffic to your website. At the same time, earnings will be much higher and your affiliates and subscribers will have earned some money as well. This is a great way of promoting a business, and PDF Brandable is the best tool  to have by your side if you need to do some quick advertising.     

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Love the software...
On-Site Review

This is so easy to use that I was up and running within a few minutes! All I had to do was add some tags to my original word document, save as PDF and let the software handle the rest and create a branding pack. Now anyone can add their affiliate links into my PDFs and promote my product. So simple, yet so potent! Love the software - keep them coming!

Helga S.

Most affordable viral branding tool...
On-Site Review

PDF Brandable was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I had been trying to do this for a long time but my budget would not permit it. Thanks so much. This was the easiest set up I have seen and the price is incredible too. I literally had my affiliates at Ducker Promotion setting this up and passing my e-books out within hours of purchasing! Anyone that has been wanting to create their own viral PDF e-books, to increase business profits, now is the time. You have before you the easiest and most affordable viral branding tool available on line today.

Debbie Ducke

Great piece of software!
On-Site Review

What an incredible tool! I wish someone had shown me this earlier! I use to spend so much time creating reports and building loads of mini-websites to bring attention to my main website but I now see that I don't have to do this anymore! Now I can create reports that my affiliates can rebrand and hand out for me! I give them a percentage of the sale and they go out and promote my product for me. It's a good deal and a win-win situation. I can see myself using this tool with every product release! Thanks again for this great piece of software!

James Vera

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