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Are you sick and tired of having oily, greasy skin? Patricia Everson has got the perfect solution for you. In her e-book, Oily Skin Solution, you will discover a proven way to stop the oiliness and have clear, smooth, and beautiful skin. It is packed with 89 pages of information to help you win your battle against oily skin without wasting your money on creams, lotions, and other expensive products.

Inside Oily Skin Solution, you will discover the exact steps the author took to get rid of her oily and greasy skin the natural way. You will learn from this e-book the root cause of oily skin and the best way to beat it. Just follow the steps detailed in this e-book and you can experience visible results within the first week. Soon, you too can be free from oily skin no matter what type of skin you have now - may it be slightly oily, extremely oily, or combination (oily and dry) skin.

With the help of the Oily Skin Solution e-book, you can say 'goodbye' to the short-term expensive solutions that just do more harm than good to your skin. You will know exact what to do so you can say 'hello' to oil-free, clear, smooth, and beautiful skin.

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Perfect for both oily and combination skin
posted this review on July 1, 2014

I have oily hair and oily skin. I’m lucky with my oily hair because I can color and style it without worries, but when it comes to oily skin, it’s really annoying. I have tried so many products, but they’re always not enough to control the oiliness in my skin. I always have to use those blue films. I use up a pack in just a few days, especially on hot days. Another problem with having oily skin is that I’m prone to different types of skin problems. After trying so many commercial products and still looking as dirty and murky as before, I decided to try natural methods, and that’s how I found this. It took me a really long time of researching online before I got a hold of this guide. I was a little skeptical at first, but I was desperate for a way to have normal skin. The oil slick on my face was already causing major self-esteem issues. Now, with the help of this guide, I have no more oily skin problems. I can let my boyfriend touch and kiss my face anytime, and I’m sure he enjoys it. I am now comfortable even without heavy makeup and those blue films. I can also stay in hot environments without looking like some homeless woman. It’s true that you will see results from here in as short as a week, but it can take up to a month to fully get rid of the oiliness in your skin. No worries, it won’t dry up combination skin. Some people have dry cheeks, and an oily  t-zone, it’s still ok to use this for those cases.

My HG oily skin solution
posted this review on February 7, 2014

I used to spend so much money on products for controlling oily skin. I had so many oil films and a lot other creams that I used to spread on my face to get rid of excess oil. Oil makes skin look and feel dirty but when I use harsh oil removers on my face I get either pimples or rashes. I think I got the worst combination in the world – oiliness and extreme sensitivity. I could only use really expensive products on my face, even face powders had to be hypoallergenic and it’s hard looking for tough oil control powders and foundations that aren’t gonna be irritating to the skin. After so many years (starting high school) of looking for a way to control my oily skin, I found Oily Skin Solution. This gave me so much power over my oil level or the pH balance of my skin or whatever. My face became drier, but not in a bad way. It’s also become smoother too. Plus, since these techniques are all 100% natural, I didn’t get any allergies at all- no rashes, not even redness. I feel amazing about my skin now. I feel like all the money I spent on the clinically prepared stuff I put on my face were a terrible waste. Right now, I’ve found my holy grail skin solution, and I’m never trading it for another.

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