No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags

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No More Moles, Warts or Skin Tags is a simple guide that will show you how to naturally eliminate skin problems. It describes easy-to-follow methods for healing and restoring your skin, without any discomfort or scarring.

The techniques from No More Moles, Warts, or Kin Tags address the root causes of skin conditions. The guide shows you what is behind all these skin problems and what you can do eliminate them safely and permanently.

No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags includes simple instructions that you can apply in the comfort of your home. The program is all-natural and doesn't involve any harmful side effects.

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I will surely get rid of all the moles on my face
posted this review on May 17, 2014

My face used to be riddled with moles, and I had this huge one on my nose too before. I’ve checked out a lot of ways to get rid of the moles all over my face but most of the “sure” methods were too expensive for me. There were others on the Internet that promise getting rid of moles in an instant, but I was scared of the possible side effects especially since the moles are on my face. Good thing I found No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags because everything here is great! They’re all so simple, yet they work. The techniques are also virtually free. They’re so cheap. I’ve gotten rid of half of the moles in my face. I will be working on the more obvious moles on my face now. I tried it first on less obvious ones so if I get some adverse reactions it will not be too visible on my face. I did not experience any bad reaction here, so now I will surely get rid of all the moles on my face and body.

Cheaper, less painful alternative
posted this review on May 12, 2013

I got rid of all my warts in 2 weeks. There is minimal scarring. I just followed here the methods on how to get rid of the scars, but I think this is gonna last a month or so, especially the bigger ones. It was moderately stingy. Unlike when I had them cauterized. It was really painful back then, and I had to take antibiotics. With this, I didn’t have to because my skin wasn’t as harassed.

Not effective for my mole but great for my warts
posted this review on April 7, 2013

This didn’t get rid of my mole, but it did get rid of the warts and skin tags. I was disappointed with it at first as I really expected it to get rid of the mole too but it didn’t. Oh well. The important thing is that I was able to get rid of the warts I had all over my face. Another good thing about it is that I didn’t get scars from it.

The methods aren't painful and the marks aren't horrible
posted this review on April 1, 2013

What I like most about the methods in No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags is that they’re not painful at all. I’ve tried this several times on my warts. They don’t seem as effective on moles though, especially the large ones. I have a large raised mole on my forehead and tried using this but it only made it smaller. It didn’t complete get rid of it, and I think this will grow back to its original size pretty soon. But for warts and skin tags, this is uhhhmaazziiiing! I was really surprised that the effects are better than cauterization. My mom had that done and the marks on her skin were really dark and disgusting. Using the techniques in No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags , I got only minor discoloration. Not that bad or obvious at all.  I think my skin suffered less damage because of this. Unlike with cauterization, you really need to give your skin plenty of time to rest. With this it only took about a week to see my skin getting a lot clearer. It’s an awesome technique all in all!

Got rid of my large moles and my warts
posted this review on January 11, 2013

I’ve got 2 large moles on my face, and a lot of warts all over it as well. I was supposed to get the warts removed via cauterization, but my friend said it’s too painful, and I’ve heart problems, so it may not be advisable for me. I was also told that surgical removal of my moles will cost too much. Good thing I found this book. I first tried the methods on my warts, and when it worked, I tried them on my moles too. They  were gone in a few weeks. It’s not an overnight solution, and it does leave some marks after, but they’re gonna go away in a short time. If you’re using this for an event or something, I suggest using it MONTHS before, so everything’s completely healed and your little marks have faded when the big day comes. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that you should make sure to put the solution on your moles and warts only to avoid irritating healthy skin. Other than that, everything here should be safe.

I got rid of the nasty mole on my nose
posted this review on September 17, 2012

I had an irritating mole sitting on my nose before, and I wanted to get rid of it so many times, but most of the services and products I find are either super expensive or totally unsafe. I’m sooooo happy that the methods in this book worked for me. It covers a lot other skin problems and I think it works just as fine for them too.

Paid $29.95 for downloadable ebook, but did not get the relevant
Ruby (from Mumbai, India) posted this review on October 28, 2009

Since 16th October trying to get my refund or the ebook (though 5 other free ebooks were also promised) Paypal receipt no.0787-3593-2460-9766 sent several emails directly to publisher's email ID and Chirs but still no response. Hope to receive a reply on my email based on the paypal receipt number and relevant downloadable link. Poor supplier of ebook.


All gone!

I was skeptical before I tried this method on three warts that I had. I had tried all sorts of treatments and over-the-counter products to try to remove them before. I am ecstatic to report that in less than two weeks later after I put these methods to use, they were all gone!

Jan Niessen

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