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by Matt Haslem,

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Ninja Link Cloaker is software designed to help affiliate marketers protect their affiliate commissions and profits. If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, you'll learn the important secrets and "ninja stealth" techniques that can save you time and money and help you prevent commission theft.

With Ninja Link Cloaker, you'll discover income-boosting truths and the secret "ninja stealth" advantages. This software has the power to hide your affiliate links so your commissions won't get stolen. It will enable you to link to your own sales pages and avoid questionable product promotion pages. By being hidden, you can also strike anywhere you want using your own custom buy buttons. These buttons can direct visitors to your payment page, which is also a protection against commission theft.

If you purchase Ninja Link Cloaker, you'll also receive pro upgrades, technical support and "How To" videos for free.

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This cloaker is totally stealth
On-Site Review

This product goes a long way in making you look professional. This cloaker is totally stealth. I have seen nothing like it on the market anywhere! Get it today! While you're at it, get the Advanced Video's because you and your business are worth it!

Dave Hollis,
Monterey, California

It saved my 'career'as an affiliate marketer
On-Site Review

It would be a little over the top to say this tool saved my live, but it did save my 'career' as an affiliate marketer. After being let down by several link cloaking tools it appeared they didn't convert my affiliate links like they promised.

I switched to some online link cloaking services. With one of those services down permanently, and another one hacked, I was about to give up on link cloaking all together... risking to lose a big part of my affiliate income.

But then this little tool came along, allowing me to cloak all my affiliate links - even my Clickbank links - and giving me the opportunity to make the URL of my cloaked link fit my site entirely. I'm ready to go for another round of affiliate marketing...

Mieke Janssens

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