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NextGen Paid Surveys is a membership website or program that allows its members to make money by doing some easy online surveys. With this program and type of job, you can set your own work hours and get paid more than $1,000 weekly regardless of your skills, education, experience, and country or location.

If you are a work from home opportunity seeker and you're tired of trying out those expensive but useless programs, then NextGen Paid Surveys is perfect for you. The creator is positive that this is a genuine work from home paid survey program that works. It will show you exactly how you can earn a significant income week after week, month after month by completing simple online surveys.

Once you register as a member of NextGen Paid Surveys, you will get full instant access to the members area. There, you will find their huge list of companies currently looking for people like you who want to take surveys from home. All you need to do is browse through the list and pick the surveys that interest you. Submit your information, complete the survey right away or wait for it in your email inbox, send it back to them, and wait for your money.

With NextGen Paid Surveys, the more companies you join or surveys you complete, the more money you can make. This program will also provide you with updates to their survey library; industry tips, tricks, and techniques that can help you maximize your income potential; and 24/7 email support. This could be your key to finally making a consistent stream of income working online at home.

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This is the best survey site for beginners
posted this review on March 10, 2014

It’s true that you can make more than a thousand dollars a month doing surveys, but that’s still the advanced level. It’s for more serious survey, and what I would call elite projects. If you’re just starting out, you can expect a few hundred dollars from your work, but these will be very simple products. You can also do mystery shopping here. When I was getting started, I focused more on mystery shopping because it was fun and I got a lot of free stuff. I started with NextGen Paid Surveys, so until now, it’s what I promote when people ask for a good survey website for beginners. I am 200% sure that this is not a scam site because as I said, I got my first few projects from here. Don’t expect too much money in the beginning. Just learn your way around the industry and take it seriously. Another great thing about this is that you’ll get the most flexible schedule ever! No need for alarm clocks! I’m now a fulltime survey takers and I’m already affiliated with companies other than this but this is still my root and I still do projects from here from time to time. Once you get your first paycheck from this, I’m sure you’d want to hug and kiss Jason for his help.

1 bad month, 3 good months, not bad
posted this review on October 23, 2013

My first month on this website, I was disappointed because I couldn’t get any surveys. There were just a few, and other people take them before I could. It was really disappointing for me. However, the next month, surveys started coming in. They had a lot of surveys! I don’t know what the problem was with my first month, a glitch in my account or really a lack of surveys from their end, but the second month, I earned $450 from surveys! I’ve graduated from surveys and I’m doing mystery shopping now. I do mostly mystery shopping, and then some surveys and FGDs. I love how my “survey career” is going. But those who have been here for a longer time say that there are good months and bad months.

It's good as a 2nd source of income
posted this review on October 20, 2013

I don’t trust these earn money from the internet websites, but this offers a free trial, so I tried it. NextGen Paid Surveys is definitely not a scam. I’ve tried it, I’ve tested it, I’ve made money from it. But the downside is that earning money from it is also not as easy as they claim. I’ve been with this website for almost 4 months now, and I’ve earned a lot of money from it. The thing is that the surveys here really take time. You don’t just click and click blindly. There are some parts where you need to explain user experience, and some parts where you have to describe something, probably to determine if you’ve really tried the product. Some surveys take 15 minutes to finish. There are also shorter ones, but as expected, they pay less. Another plus here, though, is that you get to work anytime you want. There isn’t a schedule to stick to. I work on this during lunch time at work, or idle time, whenever I have a chance. Hubby and I share my account, so for stuff for boys, he answers the surveys, for girls, I take them. This is a very good source of second income. I wouldn’t recommend it as a primary source of income because of stability issues. We don’t know the men behind the website, and they can simply disappear one day when business goes bad. There’s always that risk. This is just great if you want some extra money for family holidays or for that new gadget you’ve been itching to buy.

It's a legitimate site, offers really good income
posted this review on June 7, 2013

Took me quite a while to find NextGen Paid Surveys among the many scam survey websites one the internet. There are a lot! I signed up for 3 other paid survey websites, which are all crap. Only one of them refunded my money. The most common problem with these survey websites is that they start out great. They have a lot of surveys posted there, I regularly receive invitations to answer surveys, and then just before I hit the minimum payout amount, they stop sending me surveys.

With NextGen Paid Surveys, I didn’t experience the same problem. I have 2 other friends who are regular survey takers here, and they haven’t experienced any problem with the pay as well. There are also a lot of surveys on a regular basis, so it’s possible to earn a fulltime income from it. The only negative thing I see here is that you don’t get benefits as a contractor, so I kept my office work and only do this part time. I earn more money per hour here than I do with my job, but that offers stability, so I’m striking a good balance between the two.

I hope this review helps you decide to try NextGen Paid Surveys. I promise you won’t regret investing your money in this website.

There are so many surveys everyday
posted this review on June 1, 2013

This is definitely the easiest way to make money. You just have to sit in front of your computer and answer a few survey questions. How hard can that be? Some people even do that for free. I’ve been jobless for 2 years, and then I learned about this website survey stuff, and signed up right away. I answered my first survey minutes after joining, and the rest is history. I’m earning up to 800 bucks a week on an average answering surveys part-time. On really good weeks, I earn more than a thousand. It’s possible here because they have a lot of surveys in the database. Unlike other survey websites that have only a few surveys, so you can’t earn as much as you want to. Here they have more surveys than the members can handle, so you really get a lot everyday.

There are so many jobs available everyday
posted this review on May 20, 2013

I can’t believe how much money these companies are spending to get the opinions of consumers! I get to answer 10-20 surveys in a day. Sometimes, I join FGDs and do mystery shopping too. There are so many fun gigs on this website. They have so many companies here posting surveys and other projects everyday. I choose mostly surveys on home stuff like home cleaners, air fresheners, laundry soaps, kitchen equipment, stuff like that because I’m a homemaker. I also do mystery shopping on weekends. It’s great because my husband and I, along with our 2 kids go out on weekends, so it’s hitting two birds with one stone. This is really an awesome opportunity, and I think everyone should at least give it a try. This is what easy money is like!

The database is frequently updated with new jobs
posted this review on April 15, 2013

I lost my job after an accident and I didn’t have to courage to apply for another one because I’m already limping when I walk. The only option left for me was to find a good home based job, and that’s exactly what NextGen Paid Surveys is. I was surprised the first time I saw this website because I’ve checked out others and they don’t have job databases as large as this one. This has so many surveys every single day, so it’s really possible for you to get fulltime income from it. It’s a little difficult to adjust to a home based job if you’re used to life on the go, like I was as a marketing personnel back then, but it’s up to you. Some people join this website for part time gigs too because it’s really simple, the job is really easy. AS long as you can read and use the internet, you won’t have any problems with this job. And yeah, like I said, the database is updated frequently.

Very good side income
D. Yards (from Imogene, USA) posted this review on March 15, 2013

I like this better than others because it’s more consistent in supplying work. A lot of survey companies do not monitor how many members they have, so they often get more members than surveys, and that leaves members competing for the few surveys they have to offer. With NextGen Paid Surveys that has never happened to me because I always get a lot of surveys from here. I don’t know if it’s because of their few members or if they just have a big database. But I earn really good money from this monthly and that’s what’s important.

It's definitely the easiest way to make money
Pauline Turham (from Bethel, USA) posted this review on February 10, 2013

This is the easiest way to make money ever! I’ve tried a lot of online rackets from clicking scams to affiliate marketing, and a lot more, but failed in each one of them. NextGen Paid Surveys is the only website I ever profited from. I’m still earning money from their surveys. I’ve been with them for more than a year now. They pay you good money for each survey you take, and the database is always filled with surveys. There’s really plenty of tasks for all members, so you are guaranteed to earn. My friend was with another survey website before, but she used to get only 2-3 surveys in a week! That’s a total waste of time. Imagine checking the website from time to time only to realize that there’s no survey available! I told her about NextGen Paid Surveys, and she was surprised at how big the database is and how often it is updated. If you’re planning to try a good way to make money on the internet, this is exactly what you need.

nextgensurvey is fraud
posted this review on January 13, 2013

They never revert back your payment if you ask for reversal of the joining fee.They have a refund policy after 60 days of the joining date.But they simply  stop replying to you the moment they come to know that you are looking for the reversal of the joining fee. So don't trust them.They are fraud.i have seen multiple similar cases related to nextgen paid survey website.Don't trust these guys.

Huge database with so many good-paying surveys
posted this review on December 16, 2012

NextGen Paid Surveys has a huge database of online surveys! I was a member of another paid survey website before, but although they paid, there are too few surveys t really make good income from them. Here there are always so many surveys to choose from. Sometimes, there are so many surveys that they need more people to finish them all. It’s not like it’s too good to be true or something. The people behind the website just work hard to make sure that there are enough surveys for their members. The guys at NextGen Paid Surveys are very supportive too. When I was new, I used to bombard their inbox with a lot of questions, and they always respond. Sometimes it takes a while before they respond, but when they do, you get really detailed answers. Also, you don’t just get survey jobs here, there are also a lot of tips and tricks on how you can do well in this career. If you’re a newbie, this will surely help. I highly recommend NextGen Paid Surveys. I’m sure you’ll enjoy being a part of this website and you’ll enjoy your paycheck too.

posted this review on October 24, 2012



I am up to $4,750 already this month

My income continues to grow and I am up to $4,750 already this month.  My husband finally admitted that this was a great thing for us. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to make good money working from home.

Shelly W.,

I endorse this program 100%.

I truly appreciate everything that the guys behind this program do. They are always there to help and I owe my success to them. I have been a member for a few months now and my income keeps going up.  I plan doing this full time starting next month. I endorse this program 100%.

Emma S.
Johannesburg, South Africa

Am even more excited now...

This is my second month doing surveys and I have doubled my income. I was excited when I started and am even more excited now. I love the new surveys page...

Adrian S.
Manilla, Philippines

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